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The Gathering 1997 Bustrip by orange

                Radio % TPOLM % HiRMU did it.

                The bustrip to The Gathering'97

        The Gathering'97 will most likely be the biggest Scandinavian
        demoparty in 1997.
        Last year there were almost 3000 visitors at The Gathering'96, 12
        of them being Finns. Most of us agreed that it was one of the best
        big Scandinavian demoparties we had been to in years, and thought
        that more Finns MUST attend it in 1997.
        So we decided to start planning a bustrip.

        The plans started to become reality when Primon organized a
        bustrip to The Party 1996 last x-mas. The bustrip was not only
        fun, but it was cheap too.
        After The Party 1996 we started thinking that there definitely
        should be a chance for more Finns to attend what we think as the
        most promising and probably the biggest party in 1997. After a few
        dozen phonecalls and some hours of hard thinking, everything was
        ready and confirmed.

        Here are some of the reasons why YOU should attend the bustrip:

                * The bustrip is VERY cheap.
                  350fim for males
                  320fim for females (!)
                  Yes, the boattrip is is included in the price.

                * Norway is not there for partying only.
                  How about some skiing, or perhaps snowboarding?
                  Or how about a cheap holiday trip to Norway with
                  your girlfriend? Sure, they have hotels there too :-)

                * The athmosphere on the bustrip will be very relaxed.
                  Videos will be shown too. Got any home/partyvideos or
                  just other movies you'd like to show? Bring them!

                * Remember the prizes on boat: Very cheap..

        But be fast!

                The bus has 50 seats. Around 30 of them have already
                been reserved before this intro was released. The
                bus company wants to know the complete list of people
                attending on the 7th of March already (and there is nothing
                we can do about this).
                Swedish sceners are also welcome on our trip (of course
                you will have to pay the same prizes even if you ain't
                taking part in the boattrips :).

        Some details:

                The bus will leave from H„meenlinna, Finland on Wednesday
                the 26th of March. The next stop will be Helsinki, and
                then we're off to Turku where the nightboat (Viking
                Rosella) leaves from.
                The boat will arrive to Stockholm, from where the trip
                continues through Sweden.
                We will cross the Norwegian border around early afternoon
                on the 27th of March.
                Then it's partytime.
                We will leave the partyplace on the 30th of March and
                we'll be back in Turku on Monday the 31th of March. The
                return boat will be Viking Amorella.

                Further details will be given to the persons attending
                the bustrip. If any details are changed, they will be
                Don't worry, the prizes won't change :-).

        And how to attend?

                Contact Heikki Halme aka Primon!
                Cellular phone: 050-5945145
                              (^the fastest and most recommended method
                              for contacting)
                E-mail: hehalme@freenet.hut.fi
                Snailmail: Heikki Halme
                           Parolantie 99
                           13130 H„meenlinna

        Need help, details, encouragement? :-)
                Primon can sometimes be reached on irc at #suomiscene.
                Or if Primon isn't on, try finding Lemming/Orange (nick
                "l^orange") at #suomiscene or #orange.

        Where to pay:
                Here's Primon's bank account number. The reason we
                put it here is that you won't have to ask and write it
                down every time you call him. Just don't delete this file
                        Bank: Merita
                        Location: H„meenlinna
                        Account owner: Heikki Halme
                        Account number: 103235-84631

        Want more info on The Gathering'97?
                We're not sure about any invitation intros, but hopefully
                The Crusaders will release one.
                Detailed final information about the party can be reached
                at http://www.gathering.org - surely everyone can access
                the NET?

        Now what?
                Don't hestitate, call Primon and make sure you'll attend
                the bustrip of the year to the party of the year :-).
                See ya!

        This infofile and all texts in the intro were written by lemming,
        'coz Primon was too busy handling to the organizing of the trip :-).
        Forgive my English grammar.
        Thanks to Frank/Orange for checking the contents :).

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