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4k World


some stats...

this intro features:

- planar flight with full three-axis rotation
- vector scenes with goraud shading and full three-axis rotation
- camera path defined by first-order parametric continuity splines
- compressed HSX FMtune played in background

specialties and comments:

- 20K sine/cosine table calculated using FPU
- Nosound option (just try parameter N)
- ESCAPE from anywhere
Sorry for the slow and ugly code, but i was in an urgent
hurry to finish the code, so i hadn't the time to care on
optimizations. Hope it will improve next time...

the further, it requires:

- 520K base mem
- i486 or compatibles, i387 or compatible coprocessor
- recommended is 486dx2/66 with fast graphics card
- AdLib or compatibles for HSX-sound

but... it's not a bug, it's a feauture (known problems):

- on 386 trident8900C machines, where univbe was hiloaded once,
  the copyplf function didn't work. try either with a clean boot
  or load univbe a second time
- if it happens that the intro terminates with a "memory?"
  message, try with less TSR or with a clean boot
- possibly the intro won't hang if you don't have a coprozessor,
  but the screen output will look VERY ugly.

da team:

  code         furball
  player       gumball
  tune         big bear


  gargamel                               (for gr8 moral support)
  chicken                                (for even greater moral support)
  lord excess
  dune / lassi nikko                     (we love you)
  ULi                                    (where the hell is the psx list??)
  vogi - we are proud of your progress!
  spleen                                 (you may credit thiz intro...)

if you'd like to contact me or the new, not yet named demogroup :) ...
  modem:   The Lycaeum BBS +41-41-484-2989
  e-mail:  furball@bluewater.ch

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