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Ambient by Antares

                           " A M B i E N T "

             a N T a R e S   C o n t r i b u t i o n   T o

                      T H E   M E E T i N G ' 9 5

                 F o r   T h e   I n t r o   C o m p o

            ( Held In Lomme(France) From 17 To 19 February )

                       Written by aCceSs/aNTaReS

 0. Disclaimer

        This Software Can't Be Sell Without The Written Permission Of
        The Author, Francois Baligant. Also, This Piece Of Code Is
        Copyright (C) 1995 By Francois Baligant. All Rights Reserved For
        The World. We Will Not Hesitate To Prosecute You To The Full
        Extends Of The Law If You Don't Respect This Disclaimer.

 1. Introduction

        Thanks Wasting A Little Of Your Precious Time For Reading This
        Little TextFile. Welcome in "Ambient", The aNTaReS Contribution
        To The French Party "Meeting'95". We Hope You Will Enjoy Your
        Trip Into This Nice Little (64Ko) Intro. Also, Don't Judge Too
        Hard This Little TextFile.. It's 4h In The Morning, I'm Trancing
        With "Snivilisation/Orbital", I Don't Have Coffee Anymore...
        Well, In Brief, I'm Flying In Another World........ %)

 2. Technical Information

        Stay Calm.... Relax... This Intro Is GUS Only... I Was Forced
        To Mutilate My MIDAS Sound System To Fit In The 64Ko Barrier...
        And Unfortunately, The SB Was Eating Up More Space Than GUS So...
        The SoundTrack Isn't From Us As You Will Notice In The Credits
        Because We Were Extremely Short In Time... So, I Used A Nice
        And Little Tune By The Excellent Crew E.S.S.E.N.C.E... It's
        Really Stunning And Amazing What They Could Do In 7Ko(!!!).

        This Intro Has Been Coded In BP7, Inline ASM & TASM4 Mostly On A
        Old But Still So Gooood 386SX/25. (Thanks To White Tiger For
        Lending Me It For About 3 Weeks...Night Are Soo Boring Without a
        PC ;). I Thinks It's Very Important To Code On A Slow PC. This
        Way You Will Be Able To Do A Real Optimization. You Guessed It
        ... 486 Demos Sucks! At Least Demos I Have Already Seen... 386
        Isn't Dead And Hasn't Been Fully Used Yet.

        Unfortunately, I Run Out Of Time And Wasn't Able To Fully
        Optimize My Texture-Mapped Vectors... Sorry For You, All 386Sx
        Owners, If The Organizers Didn't Release The Intro Immediately I
        Will Try To Make Things Smoother For You.

        A Little Note To Borland : When Will You Add Those Fuckin' 386
        ASM Instructions and Macros To Your Turbo(?) Pascal ??? Also,
        When Will You Remove That Stupid 64Ko Limitation For The Data
        And Code Segment? And When Will You Produce REAL 32 Bits
        Application ? ( Your MOVE Procedure is Still in 8 Bits!!!!! ).
        Or Maybe I Will Be Forced To Move To C++ Or Better Pure
        Assembler ??  NOT I Hope...

        There Is About 400Ko Of Source Code, Development Took 3 Weeks.

 3. "He! Your Fuckin' Shit Didn't Works On My PC ! This Sucks! Change It!"

        Before Sending Me BlackMail, Verify That :

        1) You Own A Valid Copy Of This Intro ( Archive Corrupted etc... )
        2) You Own At Least A 386SX
        3) You Own A 100% (hehehe) Registers Compatible VGA Card
        4) That You Have At Least 580Ko Of Free Memory
        5) That Your SoundCard Have Correct IRQ & DMA Settings
        6) You Didn't Choose A Too High Replay Rate For Your SoundCard

        If You Have Made A Bugs Report ... DIG IT!

 4. "her her her  I Like! This Guy is Kewl!"

        Some Informations About Me :

     Alias : aCceSs
  Function : Organizer / Coder / WHQ CoSysOp (Or "PCB is my worst Nightmare";)
 Real Name : Fran‡ois Baligant
 Birthdate : 27 January 76 (Gifts Are Welcome ;)
     Study : 1st Year In Computer Sciences / Economics ( FUNDP )
     Hobby : Music(Underground Stuff... Tapes welcome)
             Prefered Artists: Bj”rk,FSOL,Orbital,Jam & Spoon,Cosmic Baby
    Adress :  Fran‡ois Baligant ( No Alias Please )
             Rue Du Mill‚naire, 3
                7080 Frameries
     Phone : +32-65-66.70.40 ( Week-End And English & French speaking guys only )
   Network : access@pcb.mpoli.fi ( Checked Twice A Month )
       BBS : UlTiMAT - aNTaReS WHQ - +32-2-375.56.51 - PCB 24H 28.8K 2 Nodes
             (If You Want A HQ Or DistSite In Belgium, Don't Hesitate! )

 5. "her her her   I Like! Those Guys Are Kewl!"

        We Welcome Ofcourse New Members !

        So, If You Want To Have Fun With Us, Showing You Are A Real
        Animal At Parties, Showing To The Rest Of The World That Belgian
        Scene Isn't A Bag Of Shit... JOIN US!

        Graphicians & Musicians Are More Than Welcome!

        Write Me, Fax Me, Phone Me, Email Me Or Anything You Want ...

        PS: You Won't Find And You Will Never Find An Application
            Generator For aNTaReS. This Way Of Doing Stinks. I Prefer
            That You Contact Me Directly.

 6. Credits ( Or "The Most Boring Part" )

     All Coding :       aCceSs
            GFX :       aCceSs & cSurfer
          MuZak :       "Clear The Lane" By e.S.S.e.N.C.e
   Sound System :       Midas Sound System
  Moral Support :       White Tiger,Cobra,cSurfer
           Food :       Mom & Mummy
          Drink :       Coca-Cola And Lots Of Cafeine For The Last 2 Days ;)
          Music :       "Bj”rk","Orbital" For The Most Part, "The SugarCubes"
                        For The Credits Screen, "Tangerine Dream" For The
                        Plasma, "FSOL" For Texture Mapping.

 7. "aNTaReS? Na.. I Dunno.. Which Style is It ? Techno ? Ambient ?"

        A NFO File isn't A Real NFO File Without A Member List...

        The aNTaRes Crew Is Composed Of.... ( In Joining Order )

        aCceSs          :       Founder / Organizer / Code / WHQ CoSysOp
        White Tiger     :       Founder / Code / InterNet Support
        Cobra           :       WHQ SysOp / Network Support
        cSurfer         :       Ansi / Gfx / Code
        WildCat         :       Gfx / Rendering

        Other People Who Claim To Be aNTaReS Members Are Misinformed Or
        Simply Stupid.

 8. Greetings ( Or "The Most Awaited Part" )

        All People At The Meeting'95 & WiRED'94 ( C'ya Next Year! )

        All Computer Sciences Students Of The FUNDP/Namur

        Special Thanks To:

       - The "Fire Hawks" Crew For Being The Most Coolest Guys I Have Meeted
         During A Party! You Maked Me Laught To Death And We Made Some
         Very Nice Chats!  C'ya At The Saturne III !

       - aRSen Productions For Some "DistSite & HeadQuarter" Trading... ;)
         Welcome In Our Distribution Network !

       - Sleeping Dog/The Natives For Lending Us Some Cables And Softwares
         For Running Our Little Network.

       - David,Carine,J‚r“me,Fabrice,Denis,Georges,Vix,Sylvie For Moral Support
         After Exams Results (you know ;)
       - My Brother For Crashing My HD 2 Days Before The Party
         (this time, Backups Rulez! ;)

         Digital House   Radical   The Natives    Semtex
         Cyberpunk   Zool   N-Factor   $PA   Ozone   PTG   Tragedy
         Imphobia   Cascada   Melting Pot    Euphoria   Imagine    DSL
         TRB   Purple Turtle   Black Out   Art   React   Nordic Visions
         Therapy   Sub-Normals   ISCH Crew   TFS   DFM   Zion
         Fire Hawks   Hypernova   TFL/TDV   Imagine   Art   Azure Sky
         TRAXX    Virtual DeZign    aRSen Productions

        And Of CoZ  Seyda Of Realm For Funny Network Installation! ;)

        aCceSs's personal greetings go to :

        All People At WiRED'94

        Darkness,Delsion / IMPCDA, Bert+David, Tasmaniac / ACiD
        The Orme / Azure Sky, Blue Adonis / Traxx, ButtHead / BLOT
        Spiritual $teven / iMAGiNE, Spinal & Slash & Moebius / Sub-Normals
        Herr Cichlid / HyperNova, Living Nature / $pa, DJ Devils / TCP
        Franky / Purple Turtle, Emetic & Sentinel / Nordic Visions
        Ghory / ISCH Crew, PCBoy / TFS,  Bismark & Type One / TFL

        Something Else... At WiRED'94, I Have Lended A Tape With Modules
        Coming From Blue Adonis To Someone (I Didn't Recall His Name).
        Could This Guy Send My Tape Back ? Thanks In Advance !

 9. FuckList ( Or "The Most Appreciated Part" )

        No Fucks This Time... Everybody Was Nice And Friendly!

10. The Future

        Well... We Are Thinking About Attending ASM'95 (if there is one
        of coz) And Competiting Into The Intro Or Demo Compo. We Will Also
        Organize WiRED'95 (99.99% Sure) In Mons/Belgium Somewhere in
        September/October. Firms Interessted By A Commercial Production
        Are Welcome To Contact Us! We Could Produce Amazing Shows For
        A Fair Price! =)

11. Final Words

        Pouah! I Have Coded Non-Stop During 48 Hours At The Party Place
        To Make This Things Working Correctly... Well, I Hope You Will
        Enjoy It. I'm Waiting Your Comments... ( A PostCard Is
        Also Welcome, I Want To See If This Product Will "Travels"
        Outside Belgium & France ). I Won't Type Anymore Shits, I Want To
        Grab A Maximum Of Party Releases... C'ya Into Our Next Production!
        Ah Yeah! Last But Not Least, I Will Probably Attend Saturne Party III
        In Paris(France)....
[ aCceSs / aNTaReS Live At The Meeting'95 ]

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