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Vote! by Amable

               some informations about the vote-disk itself :

 ø please choose the first time you load the disk your soundcard.
   we use midas 0.4 by sahara surfers so that we can offer you support
   for all standard sound-cards
   if you want to change the sound-card settings run the voter with /s 

 ø you can choose between two tunes by pressing 
      "a" for Beside the Bib   by Velvet
      "b" for Sweet Shop       by Ambient Move

 ø you cannot vote twice the self number in a category
 ø you'll get (if you want) your vote-disk after voting back again

 ø we hope you'll have no problems using the vote-disk. if you have troubles
   using this tool please come to one of the organisers

              we'll hope you'll have fun and will enjoy MEKKA '96

                          yours mekka-organisers

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