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Polly Tracker v1.1 by Carillon & Cyberiad [web]

POLLY TRACKER VERSION 1.0 - Sample-based music editor for C-64

(c)2005 Aleksi Eeben (aleksi@cncd.fi)

- 4 sample channels
- 4-9 kHz sample rate on each channel (C-2 = 8000 Hz)
- 8-bit internal mixing, 4-bit output on stock C-64
- Dynamic mixing based on polling the hardware timers, never skips a sample
- 48K reserved for sample data
- Loads 8-bit unsigned raw samples
- Edit options to adjust sample volume, trim sample end and octave upsample
- 6581/8580 ok, NTSC/PAL compatible and IDE64 friendly
- No SID voices used (except voice 3 output as sequencer sync :)
- Standalone player, module-to-executable and module-to-SID tools included

<-      Show help screen and module info 

c=+O    Open module
c=+S    Save module
c=+Y    Directory
c=+I    Edit module info
c=+J    Edit composer name

F1      Play module
Run     Stop playing
Space   Play block

c=+Z    Change drive number
c=+M    Send disk command (use c:/dir/dir to change dirs with IDE64)

<, >    Move in block order list
+, -    Select block / change block at current position
[, ]    Select sample
@, *    Adjust song tempo

c=+G    Groove on/off

c=+X    Cut block
c=+C    Copy block
c=+V    Paste block
c=+T    Paste track
c=+R    Replicate block at cursor

c=+L    Load sample
c=+K    Kill sample
c=+U    Upsample by an octave
c=+B    Boost sample level +25%
c=+D    Damp sample level -25%
c=+E    Trim end of sample by one block

Crsr    Move cursor
Return  Play note under cursor and pick sample
Home    Go to top of track
Del     Delete note
B       Block break (only on channel 4)

- If running on VICE emulator, set Syncronization Method: Exact in
  Settings->Sound settings
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