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megademo iv 2 by artwork

Short:    Artworks Megademo IV 2 (compoversion)
Author:   azure@gmx.net
Uploader: azure@gmx.net
Type:     demo/aga
Requires: AGA Chipset and/or Cybergraphics, FPU, 040/060 recommended

      A R T W O R K s    M E G A D E M O   I V   2

This is an audiovisial experiment by artwork - it may seem
unfamilar  to  you, you may not understand or like it. The
people at MS98 didnt.
...> The message is: ARTWORK is DEAD

Turn the volume up, fade the light down.

Some Credits:

    Graphics, Scripting:




Some Notes:

This demo is coded in 99% Ansi-C. It works Cybergfx aswell
as  AGA.  A  Screenmode requester will pop up, if you have
cybergfx installed.

The soundcode is not very stable but 100% , it might crash
your  machine  after  the  demo  is  finished.  It will be
changed to AHI.

The FPU is used frequently. The demo wont run  on  020/30.
It  wont  run very well on 030/FPU. In fact it is untested
on anything below 68060/50.

This demo was written with portability in  mind.  Actually
it  was  developed  partially  under Intuition (Azure) and
partially under MS-DOS (Tron,Fiver).

Amiga PPC, MS-DOS, WIN95/NT, BeOS PPC and BeOS  x86  ports
will be out, soon. linux/unix will probably follow , too.

Some addresses:


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