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Timeout by Epical

                                  " TIMEOUT "
                          - An Epical production 1993 -

		Welcome!												24.12.1993

	 TIMEOUT was released at The Party ]I[ and it was our contribution to
	 the introcompetition. TIMEOUT is coded by Phantom, grafix by Kapsu
	 and musics by Mikki. Vectortown is designed by Mikki. Overall design
	 by all authors. We have used Pmode by Tran in this production.

	 TIMEOUT requires a 386 computer to work, about 604kb free memory
	 and requires Gravis UltraSound for musics. To get enough free
	 memory you may use EMM386, QEMM, or etc, BUT turn on the EMS
	 emulation. Why? It doesn't work without it...

	 Something about the future:
	 We will propably support only Gravis UltraSound in our future
	 demos and intros. Hoax-magazine will support others too.
	 We will propably use Goldplay by Sourcer and our GUSplayer in Hoax.

		Greetings to:
  Abaddon            Access Denied        Anarchy           Avalanche
  Cascada            Cybernetic Dreams    Dante             ElectroMotiveForce
  Extreme            Future Crew          Grif              Imphobia
  Jeskola!prod.      Legend Design        Majic12           ONYX
  Pentagon           Skull                Sonic             Spyce
  Surprise! Prod.    The Black Rain       The CodeBlasters  The EuroTech
  Triton             Twilight Zone        Virtual Visions   Witan
  Xography           and of course to Advanced Gravis and Waite Group Press!

		Now some info about Epical:
		Epical members

		Blizzard (Perttu Poikonen)...Music
		Feenix (Sami Kuhmonen).......Code
		HEGA (Heikki Korpela)........GFX
		Kapsu (Sami Kapanen).........PR, GFX, BBS
		Mikki (Mikko Katajamaa)......Music
		Phantom (Oskari Tammelin)....Code

		Epical releases
                ///////////////          rel. date     ZIP name       size

		Hoax-magazine#1 	 09.08.1992    HOAXMAG1.ZIP   200KB
		Hoax-magazine#2 	 08.11.1992    HOAXMAG2.ZIP   200KB
		Takeover-demo		 25.12.1992    TAKEOVER.ZIP   695KB
		Hoax-magaxine#3 	 25.02.1993    HOAXMAG3.ZIP   330KB
		Hoax-magazine#4 	 19.05.1993    HOAXMAG4.ZIP   250KB
                Tangle-intro             01.08.1993    TANGLE.ZIP      65KB
                Fixup Overflow-intro     01.08.1993    FIX_UP.ZIP      65KB
		Hoax-magazine#5 	 08.09.1993    HOAXMAG5.ZIP   420KB
                GRR!-intro               10.10.1993    GRR!.ZIP        75KB
               *ProTracker for GUS                     PT4GUS??.ZIP    40KB
                Timeout-intro            28.12.1993    TIMEOUT.ZIP     70KB

	   *Newest version is now 0.7

		Contact Epical AND JOIN!
		By mail:

          Mikki/Epical            Phantom/Epical           Kapsu/Epical
          Harjukatu 2 c           Kirkkokatu 2             Naakantie 10
          13210 HML               44120 Ž„nekoski          13500 HML
          Finland                 Finland                  Finland
                EMail to Kapsu: skapanen@freenet.hut.fi

		By modem:
		Kotelo BBS / Epical WHQ!  --  +358-17-6184040  -- 24h
		112:911/172  --  SysOp: Kapsu/Epical -- 400mb PD-stuff avail.

           Epical Dist.Sites
          Alpha City       +358-21-535060, 24h, 14400bps, SysOp Mikko Kodisoja
          The Neutral Zone +358-31-452748, 24h, 14400bps, SysOp Pirkka Palosaari
          Einstein BBS     +32-3-3851594 , 24h, 14400bps, SysOp Kris Buytaert
          Wonderland       +41-64-473046 , 24h, 16800bps, SysOp Pfusuus
          Crewel Lye       +1-713-9785027, 24h, 14400bps, SysOp Sough After

														Text by Kapsu/Epical
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