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Adrenaline [RGB remix] by PHn. [web]

Adrenaline [RGB remix] by PHn.

Original version released at the Mekka & Symposium 2001. 64kB intro / Linux.
Remix might have been shown at Escape 2001, held somewhere.

Requires glibc2.2, XFree86 4.x, libSDL 1.2.x, hardware accelerated 
OpenGL-libraries (libGL.so) and OSS. Tested with G400, TNT2 and Geforce2.

- 32bpp.
- no ESD or ALSA, just OSS.
- 640x480.

This version is not the final, but a remixed one.

code:	nrg, akk, matvei
music: 	jizz
remix:	matvei

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