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fusion by Excessive Force Crew

                                 f u s i o n 

                         lowres'97 pc 64kb intro entry
                               by deadline/efc

      system requirements

      minimal system                     recommended system

      80486dx2 / 66mhz                   pentium 166mhz or higher
      600kb base memory                  600kb base memory
      3mb xms memory                     3mb xms memory
      vga graphics adapter               vga graphics adapter
      60kb free harddisk space           60kb free harddisk space
                                         gravis ultrasound with 1 mb or more


      out of memory when initalizing sound system :
      -- free more base memory. 600kb should do the trick.

      xms initialization failure :
      -- install himem.sys, or reboot. if the intro exited with an error
         before, all your xms memory has been reserved by the intro, so
         i'd reboot if i were you.

      crashes when uploading samples to gus :
      -- either free more base memory, or check your ultrasnd environment
         is correct. if you have set this, and don't have a gus, the intro
         might crash. furthermore, if you do have a gus and the settings
         are wrong, the same could happen.

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