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Chimera by Anakata [web]

     Chimera by Anakata
Released at Kindergarden 2000-1

* About 32 mb ram 
* Support for 320*200 in 24/32 bit colordepth
* Several hundred Mhz
* Win9x/dos
* Gus or no sound card. Release version supports sb.

The release version needs a-bb.xm. Compoversion does not, so
it fits in the comporules. 

This is a not  entirely finished intro intended for TG1900.
Synchronisation to the music will not be made because I dont
have my gus anymore. 


Code:                           Snarling
Music:                           Acidbox
Gfx:                               Grass
Mxmplay:                  Niclas Beisert
AMS Play:     Baldric^Velvet Development
Dos32:                     Adam Seychell
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