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128byte virtual 303 by gwEm [web]

      -O- 128 Byte Virtual 303 -O-

Next in  my  ongoing  series of 128 byte
intros,    I  present  a  Roland  TB-303
emulator in 128 bytes.

This legendary  synth  started  the acid
craze back in  the  80s,  and  has since
become   a   valuable   collector  item.
Emulate the  sound  of  this  classic on
your Atari homecomputer.


With the O and P keys you can adjust the
filter cutoff of  your  very own virtual


 *  Programmable 4 step virtual analogue
     synthesiser with adjustable cutoff
 *  Bad-ass 303 acid tone
 *  Optimised  code  runs  on  any Atari
     16/32 computer
 *  Of course, source code included ;)

Squeal piggy squeal!
                               gwEm 2005
all infos:      gwem@preromanbritain.com
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