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siq by quad [web]

         _.,ÒËËÒ,._                                                     :$$&
     _,sS$$P*ÊÐÐÊ*T$$Ss,_             .,_   :  Q   u   a   d   ' 9 9     l$$l
   ,d$$Pý^          `øT$$b,,sSb       `T$$b, `ùùùùùùùùù                   &$$:
  d$$P'                `T$$$$$ø         `$$$¿               _,Öy@SSS@yÖ,_:$$&
 l$$S                    S$$$I           l$$S             ,d$$Pýø```øýT$$$$$l
 $$$l                    l$$$$,         ,$$$lÒy@SSS@yÖ,_ Ú$$$'         `$$$$:
 l$$S            ,,.     S$$l$$b,...,d$$P$$Pýø```øýT$$b$$$I           l$$&
  T$$b,          T$$b  ,d$$P `øÈ*T$$$P*¼Õ$$$'         `$$$$$$,         ,$$$l
   `T$$b,_        `ýø,d$$P'             $$I           l$$lT$$b,...,d$$P'
     `ÈT$$$S@%yy%@S$$$P¼`, ¯> Kenetic!  À$$$,         ,$$$&  `È*T$$$P*¼ø`
         `^øýÐÐÐÐýø^`  sS$b,             `T$$b,...,d$$$$$,_
                        `""~`              `øÈ*T$$$P*¼ø``ýÐÐüø

    ( info )

	Hello here is THE game you all been waiting for. It's a bit slow
	don't complain we know ;( We just thought of entering a game into
	the gamecompo at Takeover that we actually enjoyed ourselves. So 
 	we hacked some together. This is the main reason the interface is
	slow and I myself have a PII so it will run on my computer ;)

      -- Sarix
    ( why )
	just for the kicks

     ( help )
	You can play this game with your keyboard. The game is on some 
	machines VERY VERY slow (so eat me). In case you are one of the lucky
        ones that have such a slow machine. Only press your key once during the
	game, An event will be given to windows so your keystroke will be recorded.

	The KEYS:
		+ Arrow keys will navigate you trough the menu
		+ Enter selects and Escape brings you back
		+ In the game you can answer with 1,2,3 and 4
		+ Press F12 to switch from fullscreen to windowed mode
    ( troubleshooting )

      - I don't think this game is cool
	+ you haven't played it yet or you aren't a scener, trust us it's fun ;)
      - I have a very fast computer and the game still doesn't run fast
	+ Trust me you don't have a fast computer ;)
      - But I really really have a fast computer
	+ Okay my code sucks (there I have said it)
      - I see a Question about me and the right answer isn't the right answer in the game
	+ Well send us a email at siq@quad.nl and we will fix it in an update
      - The game doesn't work
	+ What start your windows machine and run it.
	+ Go to www.quad.nl

      if it still doesn't work, play it at your friends computer. 

    ( heros )
	Sarix   - infofile
	Skin	- questions
	Inferno - gfx
	G-day   - sound
    ( closing words )

      start playing you goats
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