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New World Order #4 by Ground Zero

                                New World Order
                             Friendly Violent Fun!

Here we are again with the sickest mag in the scene. We made some improvements
but still we would like to know what else we could improve in this mag. If you
have any suggestions then please let us know. Contact our boards to leave your
tips etc. We're also still looking for people to write for the mag. The next
issue (should be released at the Easter Party) has to be the biggest. Now we
only have about 25 articles and that ain't very much. We'll take care of a lot
of shitty articles but we want you to write a lot too. Don't hesitate and write
some beautiful romantic stories or whatever you find fun to write about...
Just send your stuff to our boards and we'll squeeze it in the mag....

         ÉÍÍÍÍÄú  ú
         º                    Ground Zero Boards
         ú  World HQ:     The Real World BBS      +31.53.330190
         ú            and Samsplace               +31.74.911195
            Danish Site:  Downstairs              +45.9818.8132
            Finnish Site: Methadone               +358.0.4208227  ú
            Belgian Site: Funderbird              +32.50.620112   ú
            Dist. Site:   Blue Steel              +31.20.6403972  ³
                          Fantasy Lands           +31.33.952567   º
                                                           ú úÄÍÍͼ

                        þ The Ground Zero Crew Fuckers þ
              NOTHiNGFACE - Coder, Gfx and Dictatorial Leadership
                          TcM - HyperInterActive Coder
                            Samsman - Gfx and Sysop
  Da Chief - Sysop and a certain amount of PR that =NF= is too lazy for to do

                          REMEMBER! NO HOPE = NO FEAR

Release date 29-01-94
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