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New World Order #3 by Ground Zero

                             þ New World Order #3 þ

     So here it is, this is probably the last issue that will work on a 286.
     I'm pretty sure that by now everyone has at least a 386...

     This issue was released in a hurry, cause it had to be out before the
     Party ]I[. Therefore, no improvements, other than better code...

     We hope you have some fun with it, and if you like it, hate it or
     whatever, then don't hesitate to reply... write to us or contact us
     at our boards or through DGi!

                            þ Da Ground Zero Crew þ

                              - The Innercircle -
                 NOTHiNGFACE - Da Dictator, Coder and Gfx-dude
                             TcM - Da genius coder
                           Samsman - Da Main Gfx dude
                          Da Chief - Sysop of GZC WHQ.

                   - People that on occasion do jobs for us -
             SQD of T.F.A. - Soundtracks and other musical surprises
                        Axeblade of Infect - ANSi Artist

                         - All the ways to contact us -
                      The Real World BBS  -  +31-53-330190
                           Samsplace  -  +31-74-911195
             GZC   P.O.Box 391   7550 AJ Hengelo   The Netherlands
                     Or just leave a message for us in DGi!

                                 [ =NF= of da Ground Zero Crew !IN YOUR FACE! ]
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