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Valkone by Coma (Kooma)



                Is been tested with P120, Win95 (!!), SB16, 24 megs ram.
                    worked even.

        Still some 985465464768457 GHz machine recommended.

        Also VBE2 is nice to have.
        256 color mode support is included but palette
        for it ain't too optimized. Atleast you get fine
        one fine sixties filter.

            .            . virne
            . 3DS player . mr. garvin
            . music      . carebear as a courtesy of orange and lyd‚n

    thanks to people on video
                                (especially kaveman and jaws.)

    and video is not any fucking mpeg.
    and no lyrics or other texts because you idiots can't read.
    i know.

    It is big - I know.

                        kontekteera us :
                                           virne     - virne@sci.fi
                                           carebear  - carebear@vip.fi
                                           mr.garvin - n156959@proffa.cc.tut.fi

        www.hut.fi/~vrantane <- koomakoti
        www.sci.fi/~virne <- virnen koti .. will be upgraded within a year

                                                                nyt juon
                                                                sano j„rkk„rit
                                                                mite hyv„„
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