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Sitehdrei by optimus

Sitehdrei by Optimus

I was supposed to be coding a 64k intro for Pixelshow.
Then I was lazy (or occupied by my other entries for the party).
So, I decided to release a 256b intro at the same compo instead!

I tried to do a nice tunnel but I failed. (I guess I have to finally start with FPU assembly)
Then I made some old fire stuff. Then I drew the XOR texture once again.
It was fun,. and so I decided to put them together.. Great Phun!!!

This is my first multipart 256b intro, 3 crappy effects in tiny space.

	Tunnel colorintoxicates you.
	Blurry stars are kinda warpy.
	Xor distort has a visual bug I hate.

Someone said that it's not a good idea to put many parts in a 256b intro and that's because there is no space to make
them look good. It's nicer to do one single effect with a nice pallete and generated texture. I guess he/she was right..


p.s. Please, don't press esc but let it run till the end. It goes through all 3 effects and quits in less than a minute..
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