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uniseks by alien prophets [web]

                Not just a mind, but a state of demo... Erh?
              (by Alien Prophets, I've heard they suck live.)

[Please put nice little ANSI here...]


P133-200Mhz (MMX or not. We don't care, and neither does the demo :)
8Mb Ram at the least.
Some free space on your HD.
A soundcard (supported by MIDAS)
Preferrably a monitor (for optimum viewing pleasure)
Peace on earth. (Not required to run the demo, but it would be nice...)

                         »Warranty and disclaimer«

This material is not freeware. You are allowed to copy it without 
restrictions for non-commercial use.
No payment of any kind may be charged for this product or any combination 
of products or services including this product without our authorization and 
official written license. Commercial use, especially the industrial 
manufacturing on any data storage media and their distribution without the 
expressed permission of the producer, is strictly prohibited. This program
or the data files contained therein may not be altered or modified without 
the permission of the author.
You take full responsibility for the operation of this software and any 
consequences thereof. We the creators cannot accept liability for damages 
or failures arising from the use of this software and / or any natural 
disaster, giant prehistoric lizards, twisters, meteors or any element
in any disastermovie of the year. (that should cover it, Hehe.)
  you know: the ususal stuff. Oh yeah: don't feed the demo after midnight.


Here you go...:

Lasse Jul Nielsen [Gaia]
M¢llevej 8 st. tv.
4200 Slagelse
Phone: (+45) 58520607

Rasmus Moebius [Nudge(Nåtch)]    
Malervej 1
4200 Slagelse
Phone: (+45) 58530701
e-mail: Flexras@mail.com

Peter Andersen [Bizk]
Nygade 30 st. tv.
4200 Slagelse
Phone: (+45) 40926289

Michael Rasmussen [Jar]
Lollandsvej 9
4.2K Zlagelze
Fone: (-45) 58530985

If you would like to send an email to any of us (even including Nudge),
just send it to: alienprophets@forum.dk (This goes for Ephoy & Jar too).
Please note that we do not recieve this directly, so don't exspect a
_quick_ answer, but we will get back to you.


All in CTG: The events at B&W rocked!
Purple:     Tak for Plastik-plakaten. [er blevet placeret over min monitor]
Jar:        Tak for et godt aar fyldt med linear interpolation.
Mithjel:    Brevudveksling er godt. He He...
Dzl/CTG:    Tak for chancen for at lave nogle effekter. :)
Max/CTG:    3DSMax styrer stadig. [Gnaek!]
Ephoy/AP:   Because you got us those nice tickets for EPISODE I!
And to all whom I forgot: Slap me silly at TP99.

All the people I've met at SE.
All the people I will meet at future scene-events.
Storebror DZL for familie/maskin-support.
Resten af familien for at være min "famillia!"
1000 tak til Sanne for at ha' det bedste Fed enhver kunne dr¢mme om.
goBogus Bega:Bas, vi skal selvf¢lgelig tracke som sindssyge! :)   
Oste-holdet(The Cheese Team)
Gaia fra ap. for at være min yndlings-koder.(men jeg foretrækker nu GAIO83)
Bizk fra ap. for at være min yndlings-grafiker.
Ephoy for at være en super ven og en genial Gaffer.  
R¢v-guitar & snaps til Loom!(Kommer her og vil spille Spil! Ha! båtnakke!)
Gaias mor og mormor for den lækre playstation.
U-greets:Korg, Roland, Yamaha, Ensoniq og Moog (for at ha' så dyre synthesizere at 
jeg ikke har råd til dem :( Kapitalistiske r¢vhuller !!! 
Mihtjel: Fordi at jeg altid kan skrive et par stenede sætninger til dig.
Alle jeg kender: Ikke fordi jeg tror at i læser denne fil, men alligevel :)

Alle dem fra SE99 som godt ved hvem jeg taler om men som jeg ikke kan huske
navnet/handlet/gruppen på. Ja, jeg husker dårligt.
And to you who think deserve to be greeted by me: learn dansk.


Gaia:  Main Code/visual fx.
NuDGe: Tracks & design.
Jar:   Code/Code ideas, humor.
Bizk:  GFX & beers.
Ephoy(efeu, egef¢j): Gaffer(Flexibel altmuligmand)

                          »Known errors / bugs«
*This demo should not be run under DOS 6.22 with QEMM 8.01+. Severe problems
has been detected with this memorymanager and pmodew v1.33 or Midas v1.1.1.

*You should not attempt to run Uniseks under Win95/96/98/NT this might
 screw up the timing... Well it _will_ screw the timing.

                       »Wise words about the universe«

"Take the Universe and grind it down to the finest powder and seive it
through the finest seive and _then_ show me one atom of justice, one molecule
of mercy."

    - Terry Pratchett: "Hogfather" (a diskworld novel).

"The Universe turns, and in accordance with the 'time' at that moment,
progresses... Always seeking greater stabillity, and greater existence,
it continues growing in complexity and diversity, and sometimes it abandons
The brain net grows in complexity but has a delete / forget function.
The fact that cells outside the brain metabolize daily, and while being
reborn are aging... The fact that when they die they erase vast amounts of
experiential information, leaving only genes and memes... And the fact
that civilizations periodically decline and fall... These things are all
the result of a 'hardening' of the system... It's a defence mechanism against
a catasprophic end."

    - Mesamune Shirow: "Ghost in the shell"
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