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Smoothness Guaranteed by Diabolic Force

           .·∙-+■█ S M 0 0 T H N E S S  G U A R A N T E E D █■+-∙·.
                  a 64k intro for mekka'96 intro competition


this is smoothness guaranteed from diabolic force and we've got some infos
for you.

this intro was done in a _hurry_ 3 days before the party and we had to release
a final version there. that's why this thing is so buggy.
if you don't have a gus there's a no sound option, but the demo simply doesn't
_feel_ without music.

there also might be some timing problems on slower machines [386sx], this means
that some of the effects synchronised with the music simply don't work or don't
work correctly. sorry for this, we're lame.

well, this will lose the compo anyway, so i'm signing off here,

T.C.P. / diabolic force

smoothness guaranteed (c) 1996 diabolic force
the organizers of mekka'96 are authorized to put this production on cd-rom.
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