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Dinosaurs Inside by Degeneration

Inside  by  DeGeNeRaTiOn (September 1998)


Finnally I made it.
 After   two   music   disks,   a   Magazine  (Planet  Italy)  and  several
never-terminated projects...  finally I finished something.
 I  know this is not a very high-tech intro, expecially in these days fulls
of  true  colors  3d  engines,  but  I looked just at the design and at the
 This intro will be presented at "The Italian Gathering 1998", so I decided
to  write  the  initial  phrases  in  Italian..   why???   Because  of  the
"Message",  in  english  the feeling is not the same...  so here is a brief
translation of what is written in the initial part.

Q:Do you want to exit tonight ?
A:No, I'm tired.
Q:Go to the Disco ?
A:I want to sleep.
Q:Exit for a walk ?
A:It's Hot out.
Q:A football match ?
A: ... ehmm... something like "Don't break my balls" :-)
Q:Turn on the computer?
A:I don't feel to do this.
finally: You're OLD. You have the DINOSAURS INSIDE.
In the logo: Dinosaurs Inside. For people that think Old.

...and the rest is in English

I hope you Understood the "Message" ;-)

				Voodoo Chile / Degeneration


Totally O.S. friendly.
Runs in a proper screen in multitasking.
Runs both in PAL:LowRes and NTSC:LowRes.
made int Italy :-)


AGA Chipset


Original "Dinosaurs Inside" idea by  ALL / Indipendent
code by   Voodoo Chile
graphics  Yure
music     Corrosion

Developed with:
SAS/C 6.58 & 7.00ß22
HiSoft Devpac 3.04
The Player 6.1a v610.4 (should be 68040/60 bug free)
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