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Shit on a Stick by Kaolin

it just wouldn't be coven 
without us bashing out some 
piece of crap to enter, would it.

shit on a stick.

- some code by gyr.
- some code by zoon.
- 20 notes, and thus the
  entirety of the music,
  also by zoon, the phil
  holmberg of the 
  australian demo scene.
  (stuck in the middle of
  nowhere, really)
- -w for windowed output.
the marimba represents the white man's cultural oppression of
african and asian peoples.

the bass represents the ocean

the guiro represents the mexican freedom fighters.  thus we
  step into the shoes of rage against the machine.  (<- plug)

the claves represent our lack of rhythm.



you don't know how to say it,
but we do  (we looked it up)

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