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DSP Fishes by Avena [web]

Avena sagt: Guten Tag!

While poking around in my hard disk I realised that I hadn't released
this bit of code from last year. It was done before DHS did their two
excellent 4K demos and long before LLama of tSCc did that tremendous
ST-fish intro.

Code runs on VGA and RGB, uses the XBIOS to set the resolution if I
remember correctly (it's a long, long time ago!) Bad news: there is no
exit option, reach for that reset button...

Run on a Falcon with the 1:2 Mhz 68030:56001 ratio, otherwise it
will hang.

I ought to release it, because it makes a nice screen-saver and 
has a complete 3d DSP system (including clipping) in less than 3K.
Actually, its just over 3072 bytes but let's not split bits here.
I didn't even get round to doing any precalculation effects.

It originally included a couple of other 4K effects. However now I
have a much better idea for a 4K intro so they have been kept back!

Source code available on request, or on the web pages, whichever
gets there first



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