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The Man Who Swallowed Swarming Behavior by Altair

 Czlowiek Ktory Polknal Zachowania Stadne
[ The Man Who Swallowed Swarming Behavior ]
(c) y2k/y2k+1 Altair Alternative Section

code : blueshade
gfx  : fuzzy
music: lesnik

special thx to: s2.org and tran+daredevil

arc arc arc...


swarmin' behaviors rule ;)

and i don't expect you to believe this, but if you look carefully at those
tiny yellowish dots on the screen, you'll notice that their behavior
resembles almost ideally real life bee behavior.

the reason for that is that in this demo, we included a very sophisticated
neural network algorithm that in almost all the aspects emulates true bee's
brain functions.

note: bees seem a little bit confused since there is no nectar to be found
inside your computer. (it worked a little bit better on our development
machine... but only because we put some honey on ram chips and cpu... you
might try that too!)


atlbntl - disclaimer: we deny any responsibility... choice is yours ;>
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