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Continuum by quantum sufficient [web]

This is the compoversion of the demo "continuum", by quantum.sufficient .

Code+Music: greystar

Coding for this demo began in November, 2003 for the contest "TMDC 6",
sponsored by the fine folks at tAAt/ry. 

The music was written during my freshman year in college at the 
University of South Carolina.

I can usually be found (idle) in #southcarolina or #c++ on the efnet 
irc network, with the handle "greystar-".

The demo was written in Microsoft Visual C++, and employs the fabulous
fmod music engine, along with the similarly terrific textfx4 ansi art

The music was composed in fasttracker II version 2.03, although I did 
update some of the sample text using version 2.08 . Vogue and Mr. H, I
hope that you are doing well in your endeavors these days. Thank you 
for this extremely useful program for all these years.

Unfortunately, I do not have a section for graphic art, as I am by no
means skilled in drawing pictures. Maybe someday I can team up with 
someone who is more skilled in this area and do another demo.

This work is not an expression of opinion of my employer (www.qs1.com).
Permission is automatically granted to distribute this work at no cost,
but I would appreciate a copy of the incorporating work.

This is my first demo, I have enjoyed writing it. I hope that you have
enjoyed viewing it!

12-12-2003, jdwyatt (greystar/quantum.sufficient)

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