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Trekmo by Patrick Aalto

	Hi, and thanks for trying out my TREKMO (TREK DEMO, if you didn't
        figure it out yet :-) demo. The demo is just a simple framework
        around my current 3D rendering engine, with a Gravis UltraSound
        sound system included.

        The demo is targeted to fast 486 machines, preferably 486/33
        with local bus display or any 486/66 machine. Running it on
        386 machines is possible but not very enjoyable. The demo will
        also need some 400 kilobytes of memory and a register-compatible
        VGA display.

        The demo will loop forever (or until you press ESC) unless you run
        it with "trekmo -once".

        If you want to hear the music, you must have a Gravis UltraSound
        (GUS) card with AT LEAST 768K of DRAM. You also need to have the
        ULTRASND environment variable set, and you must have run ULTRINIT
        before running the demo. If you have less memory on your GUS, I
        recommend you rename (or delete, but then you cannot distribute
        this demo) the BANK0.GUS file so that music will not be played.
        You should seriously consider upgrading your GUS to a full 1MB,

        If you do not have a GUS, I suggest you get one :-). If you are
        certain you will not, you can delete the BANK?.GUS files to
        save disk space. Do NOT distribute TREKMO without those files,

        The demo memory usage consists of the following areas:
                - PMODE 2.4 header:             14968 bytes
                - main code & data area:        66957 bytes
                - NCC-1701D data:               30684 bytes
                - Romulan Warbird data:         61268 bytes
                - song events:                  62460 bytes
                - 16-bit Z-buffer:             153600 bytes
                                               389937 bytes (381 KB)

        At the end of the demo (you can end it any time by pressing ESC)
        you will see the average framerate. Below is a table of machines
        I have tested the demo on. If the framerate on your machine is
        much below 20 fps, you have too slow a machine for TREKMO, sorry.
        The GUS music will have no effect on the framerate.

        Machine                 CPU        Graphics Bus  Framerate
        ----------------------- ---------- -------- ---  ---------
        Compaq Prolinea 4/66    486DX2/66  ET4000   VLB  40.7 fps
        Developed on this one:  486/33     ATI      ISA  20.5 fps
        AST Bravo LC 4/25s      486SX/25   Cirrus   VLB  19.6 fps
        Hyundai S386-C          386/20     S3       ISA   6.5 fps

        Patrick Aalto
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