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the mountains flight by Cruor

		           *             *
	                   *  C R U O R  *
			   *             *


	              => THE MOUNTAINS-FLIGHT <= 

                     coded and released 25.05.1995

This is only the first version. It should be possible to make it a
lot of faster. This little demo works on VGA(50Hz!) and RGB/TV!

Coding:      Raving Mad
Logo:        Zweckform
Photo:       Data Becker
Modul:       Captain/Image
DSP-Replay:  Simplet/Abstract

Fast Greetings go to:
NPX, Stax, Therapy

We are searching for new members!

If you want to contact us write to:

Ralf Zenker
(Raving Mad)
W.-Pirckheimer-Str. 18
90562 Heroldsberg

or to:

Ronald Wendt
Helenenstraže 46
90419 Nrnberg
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