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Perplexity by Noice [web]

                  ù P ù E ù R ù P ù L ù E ù X ù I ù T ù Y ù


                             .oO  N o i c e  Oo.

                    - 2nd in the TGTBT96 democompetiton -

                            Graphics...Ray Trace

This demo should be run on a Pentium based computer with a PCI video card.
It runs on slower computers too, but not at maximum performance.
You also need about 580k conventional memory free to run the demo.

The music system (SWMP) supports Soundblaster, Soundblaster Pro and Gravis
Ultrasound. When you run the demo, it autodetects the best soundcard.
If the autodetection should fail (this might for example occur if you have
two soundcards in your computer) you can run the demo with the '/s' parameter
to enter a manual sound setup.

The intro part uses a tweak mode, normally this shouldn't cause any trouble,
but if something should go wrong, use the '/t:x' parameter.

/t:0   - 320x400 70Hz, Should work on all computers/monitors (default)
/t:1   - 320x400 50Hz, If you use a VGA converter and want 50Hz output
/t:2   - 320x200 70Hz, If nothing else works, use this (looks like crap!)

Thanks to Liket/Goto 10 for the tweak-modes!

Special thanks to Martin Rystrand for the help with interruptcoding.

Shadow also sends some personal greetings to :
Euxinus/Contortion, Dooz/Neurotica, Ordain, Swilmeist, Jay, Jimbo,
The Fear/Mistery, Evil-V, Gusz, Crystal, Breakin, Natas,
the people in #coders, all Noice memebers and all the forgotten ones!

Contact info:

Shadow    - email : sdw@lysator.liu.se      IRC : #coders, nick Sdw
Ray Trace - email : tilly@algonet.se
Wraith    - email : magnus.hojer@swipnet.se

               Perplexity - A Noice production for TGTBT96
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