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midge by Appendix [web]

                             Aln! / Appendix + Mawi

                          for 256 bytes competition on
                                 Rush Hours '98

It's  a simple FX, but... it runs in multitasking and on system screen! So run
SetPatch  before  running  this intro. Code uses graphics/WritePixelArray8, so
it's  recomended  to run one of available patches on that function (I included
PatchWPA8  by  Paweî Hernik). Intro needs OS 3.0. In this archive you can find
two versions of my intro: MidgeCompo - exactly 256 bytes, but without any exit
from it and Midge - one with exit and freeing resources, but it is longer than
256  bytes.  I also included scripts to run simultaneously SetPatch, PatchWPA8
and  intros  then  (one  script  for  one  version).  Enjoy :-) (I know, it is

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