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slyboots by Reksio Design

|    |------------------.
|    | REKSIO DESIGN    |
`----'------------------' -----------------------------.
                                               |.---. ||
===============================================||   | ||=======================
SLYBOOTS by REKSIO DESIGN                      |`-----'|        QUAST'98 RELASE

This  intro  is  Reksio  Design's  contribution  tho the QUAST'98 party held in
ELBLAG 64kb intro comptetion.  It was tested only on A1230 with 8mb of ram, but
as  far  as  our code is multi config friendly (heh, I hope =) this should also
work on better configs including 040 & 060.  It uses The Player 61a (great work
Jarno,  but  stop developing Midas and back to the roots, develop The Player!),
so there should not be any problems in this part.

One  little  caution:   this intro requires at least MC030 and some fast mem to
work.   If  you  haven't  at  least  config like this please stop killing GREAT
machine  you're  using!   btw, there is possiblity to run it on worse hardware,
but don't ask me how =).  blahh, blahh!

Full credits for this production:


Big  thanks  must  go  to Lizardking's grandmum, who allowed to use his tune in
this  intro.   We  contacted her using e-mail, so even don't think that we used
"Fellowiship" tune without any persmission =).

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