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Violent Dumb (The Demo) by Mankind [web]

    V.I.O.L.E.N.T. D.U.M.B.
    (the demo...)

( If you have not seen "DeathTrial", Check it just after that ! )

 :......Code : Krabob
        Gfx  : Krabob, Tex,zaac
        Msx  : krabob.......(sorry)

 >The Mankind amazing demo group is proud to  present
 Violent Dumb 2000 (at least) after 2 days of work.
    Only one person is to blame: krabob. bouh bouh !

    Yes I know: it's very strange, but I make
    function of relay for extraterrestrial comms
    this times.

 you need that minimal config to run:
 -an amiga with a powerPC proc !
 -Warpos v14 (it may be run on v7..tell me that!)
 -AHI   the well-known sound handler.
 -digiboosterplayer.library (get that on aminet or in ProgearSpec by mkd)
 ... so only free PD stuff.
 oh yes,it also need:
 -something like 8Mo free space to run.(i'll make less next time :-)

 hope you've got it.

 That's all ! Works with AGA and CGX !
 and got special optimisation for the both.
 (cgx... mmmm...is very much quick than aga.)

 you can skip the ugly prefs window by setting
 screenid and ahiid in the tooltypes.
 see the ".info" information for more... information.

 IMPORTANT NOTE about the cybergraphics screen width modulo:
 DeathTrial does not take care of the cgx modulo,
 it's always 320. so SET 320 as width to 15bit srceen,
 328 is bad.It does ugly modulo ripping.
 Check http://tex.mankind.free.fr for future patch.

 we greets a lot all the scene,but i had no time left
 to do it as it would have been done.
 thanks to DJ Lorry and Ghandy, my german contacts.
 greets greets also go to haujobb & abyss, that
 won every year  at the MekkaSymposium :-).
 I'm happy there are more and more PPC contests at least.

 Special thanks to the PPC asm coders in the scene,
 and particulary sorpion/slc and pescanov/capsule
 for their sharp support.thanks also to deemphasis/ukonx
 and noe/venus art (it guess it's him.) for the ham c2p.
 Finnaly... one of us get the time for finnishing something !
 (once again)

    ... The WIde Screen erUpts with AbsUrdities...
                            (frank zappa)

 You really got a fucking face... Uncle fucker.
 (T'as vraimment une gueule de merde, et nique ton onnncle.)
                            (Terence & filip.)

    (c) MKD in whytookey.
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