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+6db by Teklords [web]

 + 6bB            - a Teklords ouch-tro production

                .code glue

                  .gfx varix

                    .music ronny

things we ripped ->

                    USM Play v1.1 beta
                 (c) 1998 FreddyV/Useless

       PMODE/W by Charles Scheffold and Thomas Pytel

Technical things ->

  The demo needs at least UNIVBE with 320*200*24 or 32 bpp available. If
  it doesn't run, well, I don't mind. Go to your next local PC-dealer and
  buy a state-of-the-art GFX-card.

Collected greets ->

   Kolor.FEB.Smash Designs.Lego.Artwork.Polka Brothers.Cubic Team and $een.
   BugX.Outlaws.Phantasm.Amable.Riot.Desire. the mekka 98 people and all we

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