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excuse me whilst i clear my throat by i2pi [web]

i2pi - excuse me whilst i clear my throat - tp2k
big thanks to whizzter for letting me sleep on his floor,
and kicking my head and windows getting into my brain.
plus all the people who have let me sleep out of the cold
on my little journey around the world.
thanks to the linux community for making an os and development
system that fucks on windows.
no thanks to all the disfigured blobs around me playing unreal wolfenstein.
i love these things :
halcyon   - hplus
replay    - clean
tpolm     - te2rb
woorlic   - voidspace
haujobb   - fuckwit daddy
blasphemy - moral hard candy
vittu     - juice
and lots more, but you get my drift.
hello to sense (sorry we didnt finish the demo in time)

i guess its time for me to go back to australia now.

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