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session by Oops! [web]

Short:    Winning Demo on "Bizarre'97" *FIXED*
Author:   Oops!
Uploader: lrvk@euronet.nl (Laurens van Klaveren, AKA Radium/Oops!)
Type:     demo/aga


            Oops! contribution to the Bizarre '97 amiga democompo.


            This was our quickly made entry (which we did) ON the party.
            We made this short demo to have at least 3 entries
            for the amiga. (there wouldn't have been any amiga compo 
            if there were less then 3 entries!)

            - Amiga AGA
            - Best seen on 030/50mhz or faster.


            Mentat - Prodigy - Shag - Whizzkid

            TESTED ON:

            Amiga 1200/030/40mhz  -  Works fine.
            Amiga 1200/030/50mhz  -  Works fine.
            Amiga 4000/030/28hmz  -  Works fine.
            Amiga 4000/040        -  Works 99%
            Amiga 1200/060        -  Works fine. - Thx! Infant 8)


                      Oops! Keeping the nederscene alive!

                          Visit the Oops! Homepage at


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