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Mystical machine by Ananasmurska [web]

Ananasmurska - Mystical Machine
Final version.

Windows,OpenGL, pretty fast computer

This prod was made for Altstork'04 and it was supposed 
to be just some "we-just-release-somthing"-prod. At 
party place me(blueflame) and j.pupu coded this and 
never did finish it time. So we show it to people when
it wasnt ready from debug-mode from jpupu's laptop. 

Yesterday, months after party I decided to make this 
prod ready so we can release it. I noticed that we did
have effects that we havent included to it yet. So it
was pretty easy and fast make it final.

Cod: blueflame, jpupu
3d:  Felor
gfx: blueflame (some images from images.google.com and
                video from archive.org)
mzk: Joil

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