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Nation Zero 2 by jamm


n a t i o n

z e r o

p a r t

t w o

b y

j a m m

n o

e x c u s e s

g a l v a d o s                                                        code

v i s u a l i z e                                                      design

d u n e                                                                music

big thanks to Penguin / A-Men for the player and invaluable "tech" support.

all standard disclaimers apply. no distribution on cd-roms unless you
send us some of them. send e-mail if you do so.

                                                                       for no
h157165@cc.tut.fi or janne.hellsten@@cc.tut.fi (name alias active in   galvados
dune@triplex.fipnet.fi                                                 dune

pinhead.tky.hut.fi/jamm/jamm.html (for more contact info)              jamm

please, don't waste the 'net bandwidth with dist site requests.

e v e n
   snail  m a i l
        welcome @
             sami nieminen (criman)
               s„rkilammintie 109
              31600 jokioinen

you all know who you are. take care                                    greet
oh, and gandalf thanks for the you know what.. and the same goes for
haplo and zeb too.

 e n j o y  t h e  w-
   o r k  of


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