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Nation Zero by jamm


 A Jamm Assembly 1995 64kb intro.

        Code            Galvados
        gfx, palettes   Visualize, Criman
        Music           Dune

 Machine requirements are 386 with VGA but you should use at least a 486/66 VLB
 and GUS to give the product a little respect.


     A-MEN, Aphex, Blank, Capacala, Complex, Core Image, EMF, Exotic Men,
     Fascination, Gollum, Inapt, Infiny, Interamnia, Jeskola!, KLF,
     Legend Design, Logic Design, Nooon, Nrdic Vision, Orange, Plant

 Contact information:

     Snail/swap/dist/fan/whatever mail to

        Sami Nieminen
        S„rkilammintie 109
        31600 Jokioinen

     and fax to +358-16-56625

     coders write to

     for no answer

 A list of Jamm distributionsites in 11.8.1995:

 Triplex                +358-0-506 2277         WHQ             FINLAND
 Invalid Environment    +358-41-666 715         support site    FINLAND
 Chaotic Vision         +358-42-714 528         support site    FINLAND
 Morning Star           +358-51-kUMiANkKa       support site    FINLAND
 Mindwarp               +358-21-243 7818        support site    FINLAND
                        +358-21-243 7518
 Sidewalk Caf‚          +47-35-512 227          Norway  HQ      NORWAY
 Magican                +49-421-68 94 21        Germany HQ      GERMANY
 The Hideout            +49-611-547 324         support site    GERMANY
 A.C.E.                 +33-1-4588 7548         France  HQ      FRANCE
                        +33-1-4588 8809
 Lost Innocence         +416-267 5467           Canada  HQ      CANADA
 Side Effects           +39-75-572 5175         Italy   HQ      ITALY
 Megaverse              +30-61-277089           Greek   HQ      GREEK
 Stairway to Heaven     +45 747-263-03          Denmark HQ      DENMARK
 Venture                +358-0-8092126          support site    FINLAND
 Digital Zone           +49-69-686340           support site    GERMANY
 Shockwave              ++missed it!            S-Africa HQ     SOUTH AFRICA
 Evolution              +46-8-50022544          Swedish HQ      SWEDEN
 joku belgian b0ard

There's probably some missing because I forgot to add them to this list.
If so, contact Galvados via email or send a letter to Criman.

All of them are available for 14.4 kbps MINIMUM.
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