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Protracker 1.2 and 2.0 Sourcecode by Amiga Freelancers

Protracker Source Code                  January 27. 1992
This archive contains source for protracker 1.2 (and 2.0) plus graphics
in IFF, RAW and my own PAK format (RLE coding).

The sources are 100% 68000 assembler and sparsely commented. I take no
responsibility for what will happen it you try to do anything with them.
The code was assembled using Hisoft Devpac 2 and 3 using NO include files.
Known bugs in the 1.2 version are the sampler (not the sample editor) and
problems with requesters that does not originate from PT (like R/W errors).

hsi!genly!ang!thanos@uunet.uu.net (Thanos Angelopoulos) has written this
patch to make the input handler code work with 2.04. This in not in the
current 1.2 source. You should put it there yourself, and change my code
to use DoIO instead.

; PT1.1 2.04 init port patch

	INCLUDE INCL:all_offsets

; a1 = port addr

scratch reg a0-1/d0-1

	movem.l	scratch,-(sp)

	move.l	a1,-(sp)

	moveq.l	#-1,d0
	move.l	d0,d2

	sub.l	a1,a1
	jsr	FINDTASK(a6)

	move.l	(sp)+,a1		; port addr
	clr.b	LN_PRI(a1)
	clr.l	LN_NAME(a1)		; private port
	move.b	#NT_MSGPORT,LN_TYPE(a1)
	move.b	d2,MP_SIGBIT(a1)
	move.l	d0,MP_SIGTASK(a1)
	jsr	ADDPORT(a6)

	movem.l	(sp)+,scratch

Lars Hamre / Amiga Freelancers 1992
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