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Sperm by Five Coders

              - Five Coders multimedia infofile -

                * Invasion Of The Spermatozoa *

               - third party coding experiment -

         Requires 486 ( not tested on 386, may work ).
                        8mb memory.
        Virallinen multimediapena strongly recommended.

        Recommended video resolution is 320*200*16bits
                  also sum other modes supported.

           whq   : Codex              +358-0-5121413
           dists : Downtown           +358-0-3474402
                   Retard Process     +358-14-415013
                   + billions more we forgot.

           There is no pictures in demo because we didn't
           manage to get our pcx loader work when there was
           5minutes to the deadline. :):)

           A-men,Dubius,Fit,Mooze,Taste ( dead or alive :)
           ReCreatioN,tAAt,Fobia Design,sYmptom,The guy who
           had that other videoprojector here at asm,TDC,
           all our fans around the globe And all the
           "viralliset katsomossa istuvat bitti nuoret"

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