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OSS Kinki - Tauchfahrt des Grauens by Novel [web]

ÖSS Kinki - Tauchfahrt des Grauens
A wild demo/animation @ evoke 2004

Made by:
Selecta Novel
Burn Psykowski

Selecta Novel
(Die Synthetischen Diamanten)

Making of (by novel)
We used a Panasonic SVHS camcorder to record the takes on VHS (hmm...). An old tablesoccer by Moneret was covered by Björn's blue jacket in order to simulate the stunning illusion of waving water. As you might have noticed, we put a huge wall of aluminium foil in the background to produce an infinite horizon with heavy rainclouds for a gloomy mood. The actors then were pulled by professional fibre in a lot of directions. The outstanding lighteffect would not have made it into the movie without my enormous luck of finding an orthopaedic infrared lamp in a dusty cupboard. In the diving part of the movie an incredible plastic foil was held before the objective.

All the recording was finished back in 2002.

The soundtrack and the cut was conducted on August 24th 2004 using Pinnacle Studio 8 and CoolEd. Tillmann brought his guitar and we jammed around a lot with several instruments that we could find, including a czech micro pipe, a chuppa chups lolly pipe and a harmonica and of course some pots from the kitchen.

No animals were harmed in the production of the movie and we didn't use any drugs either. The latter amazes me the most actually.

Don't ask for an explanation of the story or even an interpretation. During the demonstration on the bigscreen at evoke04, some people behind me speculated about a "Dreiecksverhältnis" between the ship, Big Bad Pete and the chopper, and that the trembling of the camera symbolised an earthquake (in the character's mind?). If you think that you are kinky enough to interprete this movie feel free to email us: supermatse@gmx.de

Thanks to anyone who voted for this movie and thereby helped us to reach rank 3 at evoke! We'll toast to you when we booze away our price money.

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