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SMSPower 7 by SMS Power! [web]

SMS 7th Anniversary Intro by Heliophobe (mrscreen@hotmail.com).

Version update: This is version 1.03 released on 3/31/04. Some changes were made to make it run on real hardware:
-Changed some VDP settings to cover some obscure flags that only affect SMS 1 VDP's.
-Delayed the update to palette ram to fix screen corruption -- line interrupts actually occur mid-scanline 
 before the line in question, as it turns out.
-Due to delays, I had to switch to doing raster effects on every other line - the color bars looked a bit better before
 but the difference is minimal
-Manually sets up paging registers for use with devcarts -- original version assumed a 'flat' cart without a mapper, but some
 devcarts and emulators might assume it uses paging registers.
-Set up a vertical blank interrupt handlers, which fixes lockups on some emulators even though it was OK on real hardware.
-Set cart size to 32kb -- turns out it didn't need 48k after all

It's been tested on a real US and Japanese SMS1 (thanks Bock) and it works fine now. Every emulator I tried seems to
like it, even MesaDX. For BRSMS you will need the -palraster switch.

Have fun
Nick Warren
3/28/04 (still 3/27/04 in Hawaii).
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