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SMS Cast by SMS Power! [web]

 SMS Cast: a Tribute to Loose Logic
 by Omar Cornut (Bock)
 E-mail: omar@cornut.fr
 Web:    http://www.smspower.org

 Developed 03 May 2002 - 14 May 2002
 Released  27 May 2002

 This SMS demonstration is dedicated to my friend Masato Ozaki
 for his birthday (27 May 2002). He is one great SMS fan.
 Masato owns a game shop called "Loose Logic" in Hokkaido (Japan),
 focusing on retro systems. Thus the name of the shop in the demo.

 Technical Notes:

   Just as any piece of code for the SMS, this demo required
   more work, blood and sweat than you would expect.

   It's coded in Z80 using WLA-DX as the compiler, and various
   routines of mine that I already used in other SMS projects.

   One of the challenge was generic data management: the demo
   includes 51 different characters. Although the code is actually
   not 100% generic (ex: the animation system could have been made
   better), it works well and after having made dedicated tools, I
   could convert and use game characters with not so much difficulty.
   It took me about 8 hours to rip, convert and setup all characters,
   although I must admit that my productivity doubled when I was
   actually smart enough to know that my own emulator differenciate
   black of sprites from black of disabled background (Alt-F11).
   8 hours may seems enormous, but without my tools it would have
   taken much more probably.

   I used Tile Studio to make up the background maps, using an
   homemade exporter script, then doing two conversions (hex->bin
   and bin->chunked) on the data. Tile Studio is however extremely
   buggy on my computer and destroy files very regularly, so I'll
   probably stop using it in the future.

   The music being played is a raw, non modified VGM file.
   The demo includes a simple VGM player for SMS, handling only what
   was necessary to play the Chaprun tune (Fantasy Zone 2). I had to
   code a dumb way of rounding non-frame waits to frame waits, since
   the optimized VGM data contained several of them for long delays.

   The cast string was originally scrolling from right to left - using
   H-Interrupts - but this caused many problems during development and
   was removed.

   It is very difficult to code actual good SMS games.

   All SMS Power members and regulars
   All SMS Fans in the world

 Hope that you'll enjoy.
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