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the demoThing by Spöntz [web]

the demoThing for Mac OS X and Windows
Version 1.0

August 10, 2004

Welcome home son! This is the final version of the DemoThing, the Spöntz's Euskal Encounter's 12 contribution. There are some new scenes, plus retouches, additional sync, bug fixing and a better quality soundtrack (stereo and 192kBps) than the one shown in the partyplace

As usual, we were too busy with our official works to complete this prod, so sorry for the delay.

Kolian was working really hard in the demoengine this time. He got more than a 50% of speed increment, plus a texture and models cache, new realtime effects, display lists support for faster 3D object displaying, plus the ability of rendering 3DS animations directly composed with 3D studio or exported from lightwave

System Requirements
The prod has been tested in the following computers, running smoothly:

- PBook G4 867 + GForce 4 MX + 10.3
- W2K + Athlon 1600 + GForce 4 MX440

SImply unpack the ZIP file and add the resulting folder to your demo vault :)
If you ever wish to remove the demoThing, simply drag its surrounding folder to the trash.

Using the demoThing
As this is a demo, the only thing you can do is watching it. SO simply double-clic the Application icon and adjust the volume of your speakers.

For the PC version there is a configuration dialog allowing you to set some properties. Feel free of choosing your configuration

Common Questions
Q: Why?
A: Because we can

Q: How do I create spontz-like demos?
A: Wait for the release of the Spöntz demo editor. Perhaps there is already a version in www.spontz.org

Q: The demo does not work?
A: Send us a report. Find some information opening the console (not the terminal) application under MacOS X or the stderr file for WIndows, that appears inside the same folder as the demo if there were problems.

1. The demo runs slow
• Maybe your computer is slow :)
• If under WIndows, try selecting a lower screen size, less texture quality or 16:9 aspect ratio
• If under MacOS X open the graphics.spo file inside the data folder and set fullscreen to 0 and the width and height of the screen to, for example, 320 x 240

We would appreciate your feedback and input on this product.
Please send feedback to: us@spontz.org

Editor, Scripting and Direction:
Merlucin (merlucin@spontz.org)

The Amazing Spöntz Visuals engine
Kolian (kolian@spontz.org)

Pinza (pinza@unique.org)
Merlucin (merlucin@spontz.org)

3D modelling
XiMac (ximac@spontz.org)
MadGoblin (madgoblin@spontz.org)

2D Graphics
Ximac (ximac@spontz.org)

2D Additional graphics
Merlucin (merlucin@spontz.org)

Loading Screen
Dodke & Ximac

The mistery of the Turtle
I bet all of you have the same though in mind. What the hell does a turtle moving the head in the middle of the demo? The response is simple: we found the muppet on a table near us, merlucin took two pictures of it (found them inside the pool folder) and madgoblin constructed and animated the model. The real turtle is owned by TDR. They were looking for it all the afternoon :)
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