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respect intro

                             Midfit Cracking Division

                            "One Man and his Machine!"
           | NAME OF RELEASE: Old Intro for ReSpect!  [32k]         |
           | Historical Quote of the DAY:                           |
           | øøøøøøøøøøøøøøøøøøøøøøøøøøøø                           |
           | "And in a 1000 years, mankind will still say this was  |
           |  their Finest Hour!"  - Winston Churcil 1940           |

            Greetings to all former Amiga Users and todays PC Owners

                   - ---- Some Notes to the Masses: ----- -

           Hi Folks!

           The Snes seems to be on the defeat! The once great machine
           really has seen better days. I wish it would be like 2 years
           back.. Anyway I am not here to fuck you down with such shit,
           I just wanted to bring you an old Intro I coded for CONAN of
           RESPECT I guess two years ago, but which never got used by

           Well So I thought that I give it out, some stuff for you to
           spread and maybe you like to watch it a bit...
           The Source got lost with my Amiga 1200, which was sold a month
           ago... To be honest it wasn't easy for me, but times change and 
           so I upgraded my PC again and again ...

           I hope there are still enough groups left to keep up the good
           work on Consoles.. But I have no hope for it, otherwise I would
           be training and coding again on the SNES...

           CREDIT: One very big Credit goes to Pothead/Anthrox...
                   Why? I used his Snes Raw 2 Snes Mode7 Gfx Convert 
                   Routine in this Intro WITH ONLY SOME CHANGES.....

           Again an Excuse for no Source of this.. 

           'Till then...

           Midfit /ex.TRSi/ex.Anthrox Console

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