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GrK-03 - Elliptic DNA by Groupe K [web]

	GrK-03: Elliptic DNA

	Intro 4k presented to the Euskal 12 (2004)

	Team:	Groupe K	(>'')> www.groupe-k.org	<(''<)
	Code:	SamFa		(>'')>  www.samfa.com	<(''<)
	Zic:	E-Phase	(>'')> www.groupe-k.org	<(''<)

Technical Note:
	Need Windows XP
	Need OpenGL (but it s work fine without any 3D card)
	Need DirectX9 (i use DirectMusic8 for playing the music)
	Need a LOT of time (if you don t press ESCAPE during the show)
	I'm a begginner, and it was quite hard for me, to find some
	  usefull help for making this small prod. So, if any one
	  who never do anything like this want some help, be my guess!
	  (i'm just able to give some small trick for beginning anyway)
	I can provide the source if you ask for it.
	I have some other version smaller, but the one provided
	  do "4096o" exactly, so it s much more fun !

Know Bug:
	On a Radeon "top of the line" and a Plasma Screen, I have seen
	  some small black artefact during the 3-4 first second. Even if
	  it s no big deal, u can avaid this by enabling the VSync in the
	  OpenGL setting of your driver.
	You should also disable the Full Scene AntiAliasing (FSAA).

Others Note:
	Why "4 My 1st Time" ? Very simple indead:
	It s the 1st time that i code an intro 4k!
	It s the 1st time that i code for the scene!
	It s the 1st time that i code OGL!
	It s the 1st time that i code in Assembler!
	Let's hope that it will be my 1st 1st place during the Contest :-D

	Special to Krabob(ManKind), enlar(rgba) and Olatz(orga Euskal 12)
	  (who helped my team to be able to come to the Euskal),
	Aprodisc, LuCis MaGia, Scarface, Ukonx, Wipe, WoodTowerS, Zoombie 33,
	AND all the other Sceners...

Last Words:
	DON'T FORGET to come to the Slach Party 5
	  near Bordeaux (FRANCE), during August 2004, from 5th to 8th.
	  (>'')> www.Slach-Party.net <(''<)
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