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assembly '94 invitation by Future Crew & Sonic PC [web]

                      Helsinki, Finland, 5th - 7th August


   Organized by:

   Sponsored by:
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³                                                                             ³
³           WAITE GROUP PRESS  þ  TEAM17  þ  PC SUPERSTORE  þ  SSI            ³
³                                                                             ³
³              MEGAZONE  þ  SUOMEN ON-LINE PELIT  þ  DATASERVICE              ³
³                                                                             ³
³                  FOLEY HI-TECH & HYPERWARE  þ  DATA FELLOWS                 ³

                           === OPENING WORDS ===

        You are now reading the updated version of the original ASM-94.TXT
  in which you can find the updated competition rules, preliminary lists of
  actual prizes, the updated list of party features and all kinds of other
  new/modified information about Assembly '94.

        We are also glad to let you know that we got more sponsors since the
  first invitation intro. This will of course mean better prizes and more
  publicity for the event.

        At this time it is not sure if this will be the final Assembly '94
  information file. If there is need for an updated version to be released,
  we will naturally release one. So, keep looking at our BBSes.

                          === WHERE AND WHEN ===

        Assembly '94 will be held in the main Ice Hockey Hall in Helsinki,
  Finland. The party will start at 9:00am on the 5th of August (Friday) and
  end at around 12:00pm on the 7th of August (Sunday).

        Almost everyone in Finland knows the Helsinki Ice Hockey Hall, so
  you shouldn't have any problems finding it. Also, most Finnish people know
  how to speak english. We have also released scanned maps on how to get to
  the party place, just in case. However, the street along which the Ice
  Hockey Hall is located, is called Nordenskjoldinkatu (it has no street
  number). Furthermore, the finnish Olympic Stadium lies just next to the
  Ice Hockey Hall.

                   === HOW TO GET TO THE PARTY PLACE ===

        You will either arrive by plane, by boat, by bus, by train or by car.
  If you are lucky enough to come by car, you should be able to find the party
  place very easily (see tha maps). If you come by plane and have lots of stuff
  with you, we would recommend to take a taxi, otherwise you should come by
  bus (cheaper). And if you come by boat (to Helsinki seaport) and have lots
  of luggage, take the taxi, otherwise you could even walk (the party place
  is so near) or use a tram.

        Local area bus tickets in Finland vary from around $2 to $6 US. The
  taxi is ofcoz more expensive. For example to take a normal taxi from the
  airport to the party place will cost one person around $30 - $40 US. But
  if you take the Airport Taxi, it will be a lot cheaper (half the price).

                           === COMPETITIONS ===

        The organizers reserve the right to make any changes to the
  competition rules, and to disqualify any entry if it is not suitable to
  attend the competitions for some reason.

        All competitors have to be present at the party place in order to
  attend the competitions and to receive the possible prizes (or at least
  one of the authors of a competing piece of art).

        In the graphics competition and also in the 4kb intro competition
  on PC, the competition version of the entry must not display the author's
  name or group in any way. This is to prevent the author's name from
  affecting the vote. After the announcement of the results, the versions
  which are spread can include the author's signature. In the music
  competitions, we will not show the author's name while we play the song
  in the competition.

        In the graphics, music and 4kb intro competitions we will show the
  name of the song/picture, but only if it will not give hints on who has
  made it.

        "Maximum running length" below is only the amount of time we will
  show a particular piece of art on the big screen.

        The demos/intros will have to run without ANY user interaction
  once started (although there can be a setup screen).

        All intros (4kb, 40kb and 64kb), pictures, songs and Amiga demos
  will be distributed at the party place after the competitions. Note that
  the PC demos will NOT be distributed at the party place (see below).

        In the music, graphics and 4kb intro competitions only one of the
  authors (if there are more than one) can be the official author of the
  competing piece of art. For example, if two coders work on the same 4kb
  intro, only one of them can receive the prize and his name in the party
  results. After all, these three competitions are meant to be solo


        We will use a disk voting system. Once you enter the party place, you
        will be given the voting disk, which will include the voting program.
        We are going to have separate Amiga and PC compatible voting disks.

        You will be able to give your opinion on The Five Best in all compe-
        titions, both on the Amiga and PC.

        But before you can give your opinion, a jury composed of known
        scene people (maybe even you!) will select a certain amount of entries
        (from 10 to 30) in each competition to the finals (to be shown on the
        big screen to the audience). There will be different people in the PC
        and Amiga jurys.


        The competition machine we will use:

                        - i486DX2/66 with 4 MB of RAM
                        - MS-DOS 6.20
                        - A fast Local Bus VGA card (100% VGA compatible)
                        - 1 MB Gravis UltraSound sound card or
                          original Sound Blaster Pro 2.0

        All entries have to work with the base address set to 220 and IRQ
        set to 7 on the GUS and Sound Blaster (Pro). This will cut down the
        usual hassle with sound card settings. Naturally the sound should
        also work with all other sound card IRQ, DMA and baseport settings.

        If your demo supports some other sound card, bring it with you.
        (The sound card has to be something which is for sale in the shops
        and only takes one card slot and doesn't require any special tricks
        to work).

        If your demo/intro requires a memory manager, it would be suitable
        if it worked under either MS-DOS 6.20's HIMEM alone, HIMEM+EMM386
        or under QEMM v7.04 (or clean boot). Otherwise bring all necessary
        memory managers and a boot disk with you (the demo/intro will still
        be loaded from hard disk).

        In the demo competition we will give exactly ONE MONTH of time for
        the demo groups to finish and release their demos, otherwise we will
        release the competition version of the demo.

        If you want to use the MIDI patches that come with the UltraSound,
        you will have to bring them with you in order for us to measure
        their size in kilobytes.

        The main reason why SVGA modes with higher resolution than 640x480
        aren't allowed is because the maximum resolution supported by the
        video/data projectors we have is 640x480. And even if the projectors
        could show higher resolutions, the picture quality of different
        high resolution graphics modes would not look that much different
        from one another (a video projector is NOT the same as a monitor).

        Note that you can now enter more than one demo or 64kb intro to the
        competitions, if you so desire.

                 DEMO   - Maximum size in executable form is 4096 kb
                        - Maximum running length is 15 minutes
                        - Only 100% VGA register level compatible
                          graphics modes are accepted (no SVGA/VESA)
                        - Pure animation files are not accepted
                        - Also executables only including an animation
                          and an animation player will not be accepted,
                          this is not an animation competition

                INTRO   - Maximum size in executable form is 64 kb
                          (65536 bytes)
                        - Maximum running length is 7 minutes
                        - Only 100% VGA register level compatible
                          graphics modes are accepted (no SVGA/VESA)
                        - Pure animation files are not accepted

            4KB-INTRO   - Maximum size in executable form is 4096 bytes
                        - Maximum running length is 3 minutes
                        - NO MUSIC or other sound is allowed
                          (this is because this a coders' competition,
                          not musicians')
                        - Only 100% VGA register level compatible
                          graphics modes are accepted (no SVGA/VESA)
                        - Only one intro by one coder


        The competition machine is a A1200 with 2 megs chip + 4 megs

        Note! All competition entries must be autobootable!

                 DEMO   - Maximum size is 4 disks
                        - May work only from hard disk, so you
                          must leave it in on disks that contain
                          a hard disk installer for the demo
                        - Maximum running length is 10 minutes

                INTRO   - Maximum size in executable form is 40 kb
                        - Maximum running length is 5 minutes


        After a lot of discussion, we have deciced to merge the PC and
        Amiga graphics competitions together. This way also the prizes
        will be fair.

             GRAPHICS   - The maximum resolution allowed is 640x480
                        - The maximum amount of simultaneous onscreen
                          colors is 256
                        - The palette is the standard 16,7 million
                          color true color palette
                        - Pictures drawn with Amiga will be shown with
                          Amiga Brilliance (no executables!)
                        - PC pictures will have to be in standard LBM,
                          PCX, TGA or GIF format
                        - Pictures drawn with PC will be shown with
                          CSHOW (or some other good picture viewer)
                        - Scanned, ripped and raytraced pictures
                          will be disqualified
                        - You will have to submit three earlier
                          versions of your picture each from a different
                          phase of the drawing process (from almost the
                          beginning, from the middle and then almost
                          when the picture was finished, and ofcoz the
                          final picture itself, and naturally only the
                          final version will be shown on the big screen
                          and spread)
                        - In addition, you must submit a version of the
                          final picture which doesn't have your signature
                          on it (which will be shown on the big screen)
                        - Only one picture by one graphics artist


        Since there is no real reason to have separate Amiga and PC
        music competitions, we decided to just have a 4 channel music
        competition and a multi-channel music competition.

             4CHANNEL   - Maximum size is 880kb (= one Amiga disk)
                        - Maximum amount of channels is 4
                        - Maximum running length is 3 minutes
                        - All songs will be played with the Amiga
                          ProTracker v2.x (MOD)
                        - Entries must be in MOD-format (no executables)
                        - Only one song by one musician

         MULTICHANNEL   - Maximum amount of channels is 32
                        - Maximum size of the song is 1024 kb in
                          a playable format (including all samples,
                          pattern data, etc.)
                        - Maximum running length is 3 minutes
                        - Bring your own player, if the format is
                          not compatible with existing players
                          (such as DMP, MDP and ST3)
                        - If the song is a MIDI song, bring the
                          samples and everything that is needed
                          to play the song with you (except the
                          sound card)
                        - All songs will be played with PC compatible
                          players using a 1MB Gravis UltraSound
                        - Only one song by one musician



        - Only one contribution from each group/artist is accepted
        - Contributions must be 100% finished before the deadline,
          because we will copy and spread all of them
        - The deadlines are actually DEADLINES, and they're not too
          flexible -> deliver your contributions in time

        C64 DEMO RULES:

        - The demo will be run on a standard C64, a 1541 drive and
          an Action Replay MK6 cartridge
        - If the demo requires ANY user interaction, we want a person
          from the contributing group to run the demo. This includes
          pressing space between parts...
        - Each demo will be shown for a maximum of 15 minutes
        - In the disk label/cover must read the following:
                * The name of the demo
                * The group that's contributing it
                * The handle of it's main coder
                * User interaction required?
                * Approximate running lenght in minutes
        - At least one person must be present from the contributing group

        C64 GRAPHICS:

        - The picture must be an executable file
        - ALL graphic formats are accepted
        - Only the picture must be seen on the screen, no scrolls
          or other moving things are allowed. Music is acceptable,
          but during the competition no-one will hear it, because
          we'll turn audio equipment off
        - The artist must be present at the party

        C64 MUSIC:

        - The tune must be an executable file
        - Each tune will be played for max. 3 minutes. This doesn't
          mean you'd have to cut the tune at 3:00 sharp, though!
        - The artist must be present at the party

        The official C-64 competition organizers are:

        Deadbeat / The Sharks and Hazor / Beyond Force.


        We will have three 4-machine DOOM networks in the competition
        which is open to all party attenders (but only the first 1024
        people can attend the competition in a first-came-first basis,
        but the registration to this competition will not start until
        sometime after 12:00am on Friday).
        The shareware episode of DOOM will be used as the "battle field".
        More information will be available at the party place.

        The winner will get a complete Compaq ProLinea Net1/25s computer
        package! So, start spending those sleepless nights now!!


        We will have all traditional Assembly special competitions and
        some new ones. The competitions include for example soccer,
        disk-throwing (Asm-record: 96m by John Smith / Advanced Gravis),
        modem-throwing, frisbee ultimate, etc.

        Special compos will be organized by Storm / The Movement.

                           === THE PRIZES ===

        As said before, the prizes will be the best yet, both in the
  Amiga and PC competitions. The total value of all the prizes in US
  dollars will be around $21,000 (NOT including any software prizes,
  just hardware and pure cash).

        The actual prizes may be software, hardware or pure cash. This
  depends on our sponsors and how many people pay the entrance fee. The
  following list includes only the preliminary list of the prizes (the
  final lists will be published at the party place). Also keep in mind
  that the money exchange rates also affect this list (at the time of
  the writing of this text file one US dollar was 5,2 finnish marks).

        We will try to give cash prizes in the PC and Amiga demo compe-
  titions. The prizes in the other competitions may be more or less
  various hardware and software.

        All the cash prizes will be paid in finnish currency.

        PC COMPETITION PRIZE VALUES (not including software):

              DEMO:       INTRO:        4KB-INTRO:
         #: ----------  ----------   #: ----------
         1.   $3000       $1400      1.    $600
         2.   $1600        $900      2.    $400
         3.    $950        $600      3.    $200
         4.    $700        $450
         5.    $400        $300

        The hardware and software we will get from our sponsors as prizes
        is most probably going to include the following stuff:

          - Gravis UltraSound MAX sound cards
          - Gravis gamepads
          - A Gravis MIDI Piano Bundle (a cool GUS MIDI system)
          - High speed modems (ZyXEL U-1496E+ (19.2kbps))
          - Lots of different computer related books (programming language,
            virtual reality, etc.)
          - OS/2 2.1 operating system packages
          - Cool games
          - SpeedKit packages (includes Hyperdisk)
          - F-Prot virus killer packages
          - And more!

        AMIGA COMPETITION PRIZE VALUES (not including software):

               DEMO:       INTRO:
         #: -----------  ----------
         1.    $3000        $750
         2.    $1200        $450
         3.     $600        $200

        MUSIC & GRAPHICS COMPETITION PRIZE VALUES (not including software):

        The prizes in these three competitions will have the same values
        as follows:

         1.     $600
         2.     $400
         3.     $200

        Due to the nature of these competitions, we will probably have two
        options if the prize is hardware or software (= different Amiga and
        PC prizes, depending on which machine the winner has).


        In the C-64 competitions we will only give cash as follows:

               DEMO:      GRAPHICS:    MUSIC:
         #: -----------  ----------  ----------
         1.    $180         $70         $70
         2.     $90         $35         $35
         3.     $35         $15         $15

                         === PARTY FEATURES ===

        Next is a list of most of the features at our party:

                - Around 20000 watts of music power
                - 4 big screens (4-5 meters wide)
                - A 300 square meter Megazone where people can shoot
                  each other with laser tag guns (with a small fee)
                - 10 Compaq PC machines in realtime internet connection -
                  you can goto IRC and chat with the people who couldn't
                  come to the party place or play Bat-MUD (the biggest MUD)
                  (sponsored by Cute Communications & ZyXEL, see below for
                  more details)
                - Some 486 machines with which you can play the multi-user
                  on-line game SVGA Air Warrior with realtime connection
                  to the United Kingdom! (sponsored by Suomen On-Line
                  Pelit OY)
                - Space for sleeping (not too quiet) + showers
                  (there are NO rooms, just the sleeping hall, so, bring
                  a sleeping bag, etc. with you)
                - 24H food service (yes, we have Coke!!)
                - 24H security personnel keeping things&people in order
                - 24H luggage preservation service (with small fee)
                - Cool raytrace movies will be shown on the big screen
                - Sponsoring companies selling all kinds of hardware
                  and software
                - Electricity for all, so bring your machine with you!
                  (we have no responsibility if someone steals something
                  from someone)
                - Less than 2 kilometers to the main center of Helsinki
                - Ultra Cool Party T-Shirts ($15 US) and posters (A1 size),
                  which you can order from the following addresses:

                        Moku / Accession        email:
                        PL 27                   mpontine@cc.helsinki.fi
                        04261 Kerava

        Assembly '94 NET Access

	We will offer u a limited access to the everdelightful internet
	from the party place: MUD and IRC are available. I would like
	to point out that DCC is not allowed, and even thou we have a
	couple of local networks up, none of them are connected to the
	internet (19.2 Kb/sec slip is too slow to allow full internet for
	tens of people).

        An Amiga/PC party BBS is also provided, and you can connect to it
	from your computer (serial handled, thus no net card needed).
	However, we take no reservations for that, the first people to 
	show up will get the line (the amount of lines is not sure yet, 
	but will be something like 20-30). 

	All other requests might be fulfilled if deemed reasonable, like
	full internet access for a good reason (read your mails etc). You
        can send requests and/or ideas to the Assembly'94 email address.

	The latest net related things will be updated to the WWW server,
	and you can ask us when you come to the party place, as few things
	can change after this text is written. But those above mentioned
	will all be there.

	All stuff released during the party are also found in FTP server
	"nic.funet.fi" and those will be uploaded there as soon as

        Assembly '94 CD-ROM

        All the participating pieces of art from the competitions will be
        assembled to a single ASSEMBLY '94 CD-ROM. This will be a unique
        possibility for everyone to get hundreds of megabytes data containing
        ALL demos, intros, pics, mods, etc. published at ASM '94 (and also
        some from Asm '92 and Asm '93). The CD will contain even those
        products that were never shown on the big screen.
        The user interface will be produced by Future Crew and there will
        also be an intro from the crew published nowhere else.

        The CD-ROM disk will be priced at around $30 US.

        We will pay royalties of the net revenue of the CD-ROM disks to the
        winners in the competitions (except for the C-64) as follows
        (in percents):


           Demo    Intro   4kb
        1. 3.2%    1.1%    0.5%
        2. 1.6%    0.7%    0.4%
        3. 0.7%    0.5%    0.2%
        4. 0.5%    0.3%
        5. 0.3%    0.2%


           Demo    Intro
        1. 3.2%    0.6%
        2. 1.6%    0.4%
        3. 0.7%    0.2%


        1. 0.5%
        2. 0.4%
        3. 0.2%

        All winning entries have to include a textfile which states that
        the author will grant us the exclusive rights for the CD-ROM
        distribution of the competition entry. Otherwise no royalty.

        The royalties will be paid twice in the period of one year after the
        release of the CD-ROM disk in the form of a cheque by mail. This
        means the last royalties for the Asm '94 CD-ROM disk will be paid
        around Assembly '95 time.

        Assembly '94, the MOVIE

        There will be a filmgroup videotaping the experiences and happenings
        of the event. In the length of 30 minutes, the video "movie" will
        show the party place, the most important events (including all
        competitions), interviews of famous scene people, etc.

        The video will be priced at around $20 US.

        Both the CD-ROM and the MOVIE will be available in September.

        The information on how to purchase them will be published in the
        ASSEMBLY '94 RESULTS INTRO, due to come out sometime in September.

        IBM's big PC competition for scandinavian countries

        As most of the scandinavian people know, IBM is organizing a
        competition for PC users in scandinavia. It is only open to people
        who live in either Sweden, Norway, Finland or Denmark. We have
        made a special deal with IBM which will enable everyone who lives
        in one of these four countries to be able to get his or her
        Assembly '94 competition entry to the IBM competition aswell (but
        only if it's good enough that it wins a prize in our competitions).
        The competition entry will be judged in the country where the
        competitor lives in. This is because the competitions in the four
        countries are independent in regard to each other.

        More information about this will be available at the party place.

                         === PARTY SCHEDULE ===

        Next is the preliminary party schedule. All information except the
  competition deadlines might still change a bit.


        0900    Doors open
        1400    Registration for DOOM and outdoor competitions starts
        1600    Sponsors' pressconference begins, everyone is free
                to attend
        1700    Deadline for all Commodore 64 competitions
	1800	Sponsors' pressconference ends
                Registration for DOOM and outdoor competitions ends
        1900    Deadline for graphics and music competitions
	2100	Competitions for Commodore 64 begin


	0000	Graphics competition
	0100	4-channel music competition
        0300    Multi-channel music competition
        0500    Multi-channel music competition ends
	0900	Outdoor competitions begin
	1000	Compaq-DOOM competition begins
        1200    Deadline for intro and demo competitions on Amiga and PC
	1600	Sponsors' pressconference II begins
	1800	Sponsors' pressconference II ends
	2000	Compaq-DOOM semifinals
	2015	Compaq-DOOM final
        2100    4k-intro competition (PC)
        2200    40k-intro competition (Amiga)
        2300    64k-intro competition (PC)


	0000	Amiga demo competition
	0200	PC demo competition
        0400    PC demo competition ends
	0500	Counting of the votes
        0800    Awards ceremony for PC, Amiga and C64 competitions
        1000    Program of ASSEMBLY '94 ends

                       === GENERAL INFORMATION ===

        The entrance fee will be around $26 US (140 FIM). The reason for
  the increase on the entrance fee is due to a new tax (value added tax 22%)
  invented by our lovely government (so, this is NOT some rip-off thing!)

        To all girls: sorry, but we can't let you in for free after all.
  If we would, it would only create problems (= coders and other kinky dudes
  trying to get in as girls <grin>).

        We are expecting around 2000-2500 demo freaks from all over the
  world to attend.

        If you are arranging a BUSTRIP to our party, please, contact us
  for details on entrance fee discounts, etc.

        If you have ANY suggestions or ideas about anything written in this
  text file, don't hesitate to contact us!

        We don't take any responsibility on the stuff people bring to the
  party place. We suggest you take an insurance for your stuff from some
  insurance company. And remember, you can store your stuff by using the
  luggage preservation service which will be available at the party place.


                   === HOW TO GET IN TOUCH WITH US ===

        You can reach us by many means according to the following list:

                Voice:      MeeGosh/TMM     +358-0-505 2441  (wknds only, Amiga)
                            Masa/VD         +358-21-438 9710 (Amiga compos)
                            Pehu/ACC        +358-0-278 6959  (Amiga&PC)
                            Pehu/ACC        +358-49-554 701  (cellular)
                            Edge/Unexpected +358-0-378 247   (PC)
                            GORE/FC         +358-40-502 3025 (PC, cellular)

                Fax:        GORE/FC         +358-0-420 8620  (Amiga&PC)

                BBS:        StarPort (FC)   +358-0-455 4801  (PC)
                                                   455 4805
                                                   455 4807
                                                   455 4810
                                                   455 4812
                                                   455 4827
                                                   455 4829

                            Sonic PC WHQ    +358-0-804 3141  (PC)

                            Child in Time (Virtual Dreams)
                            (call if you know the numbers)

                E-mail, the fastest & best way:

                            assembly94@cute.fi       all general questions!
                            jkavalef@alpha.hut.fi    MeeGosh/TMM    (Amiga)
                            mpontine@cc.helsinki.fi  Moku/ACC       (Amiga&PC)
                            aakko@cc.helsinki.fi     Pehu/ACC       (Amiga&PC)
                            jtheinon@cc.helsinki.fi  GORE&Jake/FC   (PC)
                            mmaki@cc.helsinki.fi     Henchman/FC    (PC)
                            jaz@cute.fi              Jaz/Sonic PC   (PC)

                Internet www-server, reachable by mosaic/lynx:

                            http://prime.mdata.fi (there choose Assembly '94)

                Normal snail-mail, the slowest way:

                            P.O. Box 54
                            02701 Kauniainen

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