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assembly '93 invitation by Future Crew

                        ASSEMBLY '93 INVITATION INTRO

                               by FUTURE CREW

                         Released:  15th of June 1993

        We are sorry for the delayed release of this invitation intro.
        The reason for this was because we had a Future Crew member's
        meeting during the last four days during which we only talked
        about Unreal II and made the script for it, and thus, we did
          not have the time to finish this little intro until now.

1. README.1ST    This textfile.
2. ASM-93.TXT    This file contains all the specific info about Assembly'93.
3. BUSTRIPS.TXT  Information about the many bustrips to Assembly'93.
4. CDN_INFO.TXT  Infopackage about Creativity Demo Net (CDN).
5. DISTSITE.NFO  How to become a Future Crew distribution site.
6. DISTSITE.APP  Fill this out and send it back to us if interested.
7. DISTSITE.LST  List of all Future Crew distribution sites worldwide.
8. VOTING2.FRM   The renewed version of the voting form of our diskmag -
                 Worldcharts. Please, use this and only this when voting!
9. MAP1.GIF      A scanned map showing how to get to Kerava from Helsinki.
10.MAP2.GIF      A scanned map showing how to get from Lahti Highway to Kerava.
11.MAP3.GIF      A scanned map of the center of Kerava, showing the party place,
                 the railway station and the important road connections.
12.ASM-93.EXE    The invitation intro itself.
13.FILE_ID.DIZ   The official file description of this whole package.

Information about the intro itself:

- This is not meant to show you any "impossible-to-code effects", but just to
  tell you about Assembly'93 in a more peaceful and designed way
- Requires a fast 386 and a fast VGA board
- Runs in the 640 by 480 with 16 colors mode
- Tries to auto-detect your sound card, but if it fails for some reason, run the
  intro with the ? option for information on which sound card to use
- Supports Sound Blaster, Sound Blaster Pro and Gravis Ultrasound (256kb)
- Plays an 8 channel Scream Tracker 3.0 module (S3M) made by Purple Motion
- All graphics have been mouse-drawn with Deluxe Paint 2.0e by Marvel
- All coding by Trug except for the music player, which has been coded by Psi
                              Our members are:

                        GORE          -   Organizer
                        Psi           -   Coder
                        Wildfire      -   Coder
                        Trug          -   Coder
                        Marvel        -   Graphician
                        Pixel         -   Graphician
                        Skaven        -   Musician
                        Purple Motion -   Musician
                        Abyss         -   BBS coordinator


          Now... Run the intro and after that, read the textfiles for
                    more information. And one more thing,

                           See you at Assembly'93 !

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