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InerciaDemoparty2002 invitation intro by The Digital Artists [web]

 __InérciaDemoparty2002 Invtro_______________________________________

	Invitation Intro

	InérciaDemoparty2002 - The S-Files (Scene-Files)

        July 26th-28th 2002
	Porto - Portugal

        Held in Escola Secundária Fontes Pereira de Melo
	near the Estádio do Bessa in Porto, Portugal

	120 computer places, separate sleeping room,
	showers and bathrooms for all

        Very large big screen with awesome sound system to go with

	Enough Power for everyone, still dont bring your tosters
	and microwave ovens!

        Non-stop 60 hours of Demoscene action!


        demo, 64k intro, pro and tracked music, freestyle gfx,
	wild demo, live buzz jam, plus some suprises!

	Contact us at:

 __Working Crew______________________________________________________

	Intro happily mixed by:
	code: Firehawk
	music: Distance
	gfx: Stormi

	This very info file was compiled using watcom c++ for
	hardcore old-school sceners by Data Disrupter
	Graphic Edition by Organom
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