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Lesser Vibes by Cornercut [web]

  .:  L E S S E R   V I B E S  :.
  This pack contains chiptunes by me
  written with period of 2001-2004...
  most of them was already released 
  and some was not. So, now you can 
  just have all of them in one pack 
  with some comments.. listen to 
  "vibe-styled" chips and minitunes.
  And don't forget to write feedback.

     ...Before listening...

  I recommend you to use XMPlay
  (www.un4seen.com) with 2-point
  interpolation and sensitive 
  ramping. Please, no Winamp for
  this... Modplug also plays some
  tunes wrong.

  Special thanks goes to
  Jashiin/Mimic for fixing up
  english text and inventing
  wonderful title.

           vibe/crc, 04.07.2004.
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