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Sword by Code & Light Sorcerers

  sword by CLS     a 64k intro presented at Jumper'97

  credits          code  ú gekko
                   trace ú wad
                   music ú beatmaster

  other credits    DOS32 ú Adam Seychell
                   Cubic ú Niklas Beisert

  this is our first intro. it is designed for dos and probaly hangs under
  windows'95. its requirments: pentium100/vga/8mb ram and gus for sound.
  it will probably run with a 486 as well but don't try it...
  run it with /n parameter for nosound.
  keys:            gray +  to step forward
                   pause   to stop and space to start again
                   esc     to exit
  the first two keys only work with nosound.
  try to find the hidden part!
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