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Silkcut by The Black Lotus [web]

			SILKCUT	by The Black Lotus

	An AGA/060 Amiga demo, released at Breakpoint 2004.
			[held in Bingen, Germany during April 9-12]


	Graphics by Louie & Bohman & Tudor & Nichosen

	Coding by Kalms & Rubberduck

	Music by Blaizer


	Hardware requirements:

	AGA Amiga

	680x0 CPU (68060 is strongly recommended)

	15kHz PAL output (sorry, graphics cards are not supported)

	... or the latest WinUAE.


	Smashed filesystems, non-working IDE cables, broken powersupplies
  and being at the wrong airport at a crucial moment was not enough to
  stop us from finishing this demo. Joy! It's 40 minutes past the Amiga demo
  deadline -- which actually is better than usual for us -- and the demo is
  finally compiled and working. Louie has momentarily passed out from sleep
  deprivation on the hotel bed, and in a few minutes we are on our way to
  the main party site to deliver our demo.

	And later tonight, there shall be some serious brawling in the
  Amiga demo competition... :)


	Thanks to the people at Breakpoint who helped us during our times
  of despair and broken hardware, notably Bonky, Esau, Slemmy,
  Booster & Kiero. We would have been deep down shit creek without their
  helping hands!

	Oh yeah, Emoon coded up some neat and crucial LightWave plugins
  for us when we had managed to displace the originals. Cheers to him!

	Kalms/TBL 	2004.04.11	14:40

		yes. I am getting too old for this crap. we all are. :)
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