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Valentine Demo by Crolyx

  it was supposed to be valentine-card... but...

  dog-cheap talkin' about true? love?
  special gift for all lovers (or scenerz =?)
  st.valentine's day 2004

  code&music       : xiod
  gfx              : lynx
  f%cking around   : crock

  ah! yeah...
  we need DirectX, video card, sound card and user to start this stuff...
  amd k7 1ghz+ reccomended... we love ddr... we hate candy love...
  as usual we have no willingness and time to optimize it ...
  runs perfectly on amd-k7-1.5ghz with sdram ...

  > crolyx@tut.by <

  greetingz to all .by / .ru / .ukr / .pl sceners.

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